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May 8, 2007 01:43 PM

Where can I get an awesome lobster

My friend is in town( Los angeles )just for the day. Wants an awesome lobster dinner . Please help.

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  1. The Palm Restaurant in Beverly Hills/West Los Angeles can't be beat. It's a classic and a classy place to enjoy your lobster. See the dinner menu in the link below:

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    1. re: GR8Noodles

      I'd agree with this one. The Palm in WeHo/BeHo has awesome lobster.

      1. re: GR8Noodles

        I had the lobster at the Palm Restaurant in Las Vegas (inside Caesar's Palace), and if all the restaurants taste this good, I highly recommend it.

      2. I still remember the lobster at Water Grill...yummmm. I went 2 years ago, not sure if it's still as good.

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        1. re: willwork4food

          Just had it yesterday.....still awesome

        2. The pan seared lobster at The Lobster was excellent, perfectly cooked, not overpowered by butter. There are many detractors here when it comes to The Lobster, but my experience was very good.

          1. My biggest objection to the Palm in WH/BH is that I like a steamed lobster and they won't do it. Only broiled. Perhaps if you phone ahead they will do it.