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May 8, 2007 01:24 PM

the new bliss

i have plans to go to the new "bliss bistro" this weekend.
i checked out the menu and it looks pretty good. the spot is nice and convenient for people in the neighborhood. i was really disappointed when the original bliss went downhill.
let's hope the food is much better and the service too!

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  1. do they have weekend brunch? The area so desperately needs a weekend brunch place other than say, La Flor. There's only so much irish breakfast I can take, where's the eggs benedict? Why did Quaint stop serving brunch?

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    1. re: Widmark

      i feel the same way. i want a brunch place in the area (sunnyside/woodside) with bloody marys desperately!
      i haven't heard why quaint stopped serving it...never got a chance to try it even!
      i will report back about bliss after the weekend.

      1. re: ceeceee

        how was it?
        i stopped a looked at the menu, but it didn't look ALL that different to me. Also, the inside (from what I could see from the window) looked identical to what it was before. I always found that room to be kind of cold and generic....

        1. re: tracyk

          going tomorrow...
          yeah, the room is really bland and stark. the good thing is i think the garden is open and they might have sidewalk seating soon...kinda interesting.
          as long as they can cook the menu successfully, i'll be happy.
          the old bliss got realllllly bad. i had a piece of mahi mahi that was FROZEN in the middle once. yuck..
          and they went sauce crazy too. my husband got a steak that was doused. it was more of a soup than a steak with sauce!

          1. re: ceeceee

            unfortunately, i'm not holding my breath. i figure if bliss did get better, then there would've been a buzz aboult it already... no?

            i still hope that your review will be glowing, ceeceee. look fwd to reading it.

            1. re: Linda

              when did the new owners take over?
              i'm not sure, but fairly recently and i don't think a lot of people even realize yet that it has changed hands. i'm really hoping it is good! it would be nice to have another walkable option for us in the hood.

            2. re: ceeceee

              oh, sidewalk seating would be awesome!
              i don't mind it at donato's and the food there isn't even good! it's just nice to have an option to sit outside.
              sometimes sitting on the sidewalk is nicer than a weird garden (though admittedly, i haven't seen theirs).

              i still think we need a better-priced casual option. we need a non-mexi equivalent to el jarro on our side of the blvd!

      2. I have been in the new Bliss this week and I have to report that the menu is in French with English subtext.
        Proudly featured is… yes you guessed it "Duck A Lorange" along with that and a few gestures in pseudo French-ies this new menu has some of the same old things I remember having from its previous leadership.
        After quizzing a member of the wait staff from the previous regime about the similarities, they claimed that items were the new owners recipes.
        New dog same old bone!!
        And after a trip to the restroom I stuck my head in to the kitchen to get a glimpse of the “New Chef”??
        Apparently the entire kitchen staff all of which hail from just south of the border are from the pervious Bliss as well. (Good luck on getting better food this time around.)
        A proposed “FRENCH” restaurant with nary a Frenchmen in sight is this truth in menu? And I wonder if this new owner has even stepped foot in France?
        Well the patio area looks great and they must have some real French wines?

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        1. re: spanacopita

          so we went on friday night and it was a bit of a disappointment.
          everyone was really friendly. the food however left a lot to be desired.
          we split and arugula salad ...there was grated parmigian cheese that was as hard as little teeth! and the dressing was way too oily.
          the entrees were a bit better. i had sea scallops that were cooked nicely. the cauliflower puree was entirely too liquidy and the snow peas were overcooked.
          my mom had the monkfish which was also cooked nicely. the sauce was a really weird YELLOW...and when i say yellow it was like neon/melted banana skin...strange color. i tasted it and i really could not detect what it was and it didn't say on the menu. the artichoke hearts might have been straight from a jar and she had a few of the overcooked snow peas!
          we should have known better than getting dessert, but we tried and it was a bland, nothing to write home about, bread pudding.
          oh and my pinot grigio was SOO cold, there was condesation on my glass. way over chilled.
          they were as friendly as can be and i might give it another try in a few weeks or so....

          1. re: spanacopita

            I have not been to Bliss so will make no comments on it. I just wanted to say that a good number of the cooks in French and Italian restaurants are from south of the border. In fact, strange as it may seem, I find from my adventures in the Hispanic world in NYC that Peruvians frequently work in French restaurants and Ecuadorians in Italian ones. Go figure. Mexicans are in the Greek diners.

            1. re: JH Jill

              thanks for the reviews, spanacopita and ceeceee.

              is brunch being served there on the weekends?

              1. re: JH Jill

                yeah, i kinda found that comment about the chefs irrelevant. anyone can be trained in any type of cuisine.
                there are plenty of bad french chefs at bad french restaurants. nationality makes no difference.

                as for brunch, i saw no mention of it on the menu outside or in.

                1. re: JH Jill

                  Hi JH Jill
                  that was a completely unintended interpretation .
                  I don't think that it's fair to label your self as French without even one French native on the payroll.
                  Imagine your next visit to a Mexican ,Peruvian or Japanese restaurant only to find no Mexican or Peruvian or Japanese employees, Not even one!
                  I found Bliss to have been mediocre at best and the "New' Bliss has all the same old faces,decor and food.
                  They just applied a "French" band aid .
                  You can always tell how good a restaurant is by how many natives you find eating there.
                  I will wait to see what the french think of this subversion of a cultural legacy.
                  If you are ever in the mood for Greek food may I recommend Milos .
                  A Greek diner is not representative the our cuisine .

                  1. re: spanacopita

                    i think that's an entirely different topic to discuss on its own.

                    most japanese restaurants, if not all, in queens do not have a single japanese person employed. that doesn't mean it's good... but just different.

                    similarly, all korean restaurants may be managed by koreans and the waitstaff is korean as well, but i'd say nearly 100% of the cooking behind the scenes is done by a non-korean cook. that's just how it is.

                    so, i think that seeing that we're in queens, of all places, there's a very good chance you won't see a native person cooking the native cuisine in the kitchen.

                    that's unfair of you to say that a place can't be a good french place simply b/c there's no french people involved in the operations of a restaurant.

                    1. re: Linda

                      We went this past week, unaware that it was under new ownership. We had really liked the old Bliss, then watched it go downhill, and just figured we should give it another shot. We were pleasantly surprised (but we had lowered expectations) The new regime has definitely the arrested the slide and turned things around but still not as good as when it first opened. We had the endive, walnut and blue cheese salad (good) followed by the two different steaks--shell (slightly overdone, but tasty) for the Mrs, and the hanger stead for me (decent, and medium-rare as ordered). Frites were subpar, but all-in-all could not complain--since we just can't be that picky especially after Sans Souci closed. The real point is that we don't have a lot of choices. The number of places anywhere in Queens that combine soft lighting and music, a more than rudimentary wine list and that feature any kind of European or American menu that reflects what's been happening in kitchens after 1978 can be counted on two (and maybe one) hands. So Bliss had a low bar to cross--they crossed it first, then didn't, and now they're back in the rotation. Granted it doesn't take much to get on our non-South East Asian rotation in the stretch of Queens from the River to Woodhaven Blvd, but the fact remains that new Bliss just made its way back on. Just wish I could see the same about 99% of 37th Avenue in JH.

                      1. re: kodiak

                        i'm willing to give the new bliss another try in a month or two. they have some kinks to work out...
                        however, the real problem for me was the just wasn't prepared that well. i hope they can improve it...otherwise, i'll be walking straight past again and head over to quaint as usual.

              2. my boyfriend and i finally dined at bliss and loved it. we are fairly new to sunnyside, so we weren't aware of any of its history. the lighting was intoxicating and the food was delicious. i had the chicken au jus which was perfectly cooked and my boyfriend had the steak. i tried his steak and wished i had ordered it myself because it was so tasty. the service was good. the seating in the back looked lovely. i hope we get to go back soon to enjoy the outdoor seating as well.

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                1. re: froggygoo

                  i definitely would not call the lighting intoxicating. it's really bright and somewhat sterile for me. quaint down the block has more of an atmosphere.

                2. i think the new bliss took a few weeks to get going, but try it again. i love the place, after three visits. the owner ran the park bistro in manhattan for 12 years and knows what he is doing. seemingly expensive, but half the cost of manhattan AND no cab or subway if you live here. the bliss burger with fries, etc. is 8 bucks. the back garden really has a nice atmosphere, and the owner is knocking himself out to please. they have a brunch on sunday. go then and have the marinated hanger steak and frites which cost less than during the week. good for kids. i could eat there every night.

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                  1. re: NickAlex

                    i think it might have been a rush job---that is opening the place too fast. the majority of the kinks should be worked out after a few weeks of opening. the first things that turned me off were the typos all over the menu! there's no excuse for was posted in the window a good deal before it opened. get that straight first. to me that seems thoughtless and rushed. take the time to do it right. plus the food was bad and service not so hot...
                    first impressions are hard to break. i'm not sure i want to go back!