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May 8, 2007 01:20 PM

San Francicso "Girl Week"

I am travelling to S.F. with 2 other gals for one week beginning of July. Staying South of Moma.
Any great suggestions where to eat????? We all love Indian, Thai, Seafood, vegetarian, basically anything. We also have a kitchen, where to shop for good healthy food items?
Cannot wait, S.F. here we come.


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  1. South of SFMOMA you should be near the SOMA Whole Foods, 399 4th Street, as well as the biggest discount wine shop, K&L, at 638 Fourth, and not far from Ferry Plaza.

    Search for SFMOMA or Moscone for topics on restaurants in the neighborhood.

    1. My cousins and I just had a fabulous "girl's weekend" in SF and stayed at the W Hotel near Moma. Lunch at Anjou was divine as was dinner at The Slanted Door. So many places to little time...

      1. The Saturday Farmers Market at Ferry Plaza :-)

        1. I concur on the Whole Foods and particularly, K&L wine picks. As for going out, Ozumo is a bit pricey but an ecclectic place for refined sushi. Boulevard is also pricey but fantastic. Hey, why not spend some money on girl week?

          1. Nopa would be fun - the cocktails are great! You may also like Aziza in the Richmond and A16 in the Marina - will you have a car or do you want to stay around your hotel area?