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May 8, 2007 01:20 PM

Help me sort thru research & "stage" 5 dinners

You all are much information. Can't tell you how many hours I've spent reading your comments and getting hungry. Feeling a little overwhelmed. I'll be in NOLA 5/18-24 for a conference and want to make the best of my time. Staying in the French Quarter--Omni Royal Orleans. Haven't been there in about 12 years but did go to Bayona and Brigtsen's when I think they were pretty new; sounds like it's worth going to Brigtsen's again.

These are the places I want to go, wondering about the order, still have some flexibility.

Saturday--arrive around lunch-- Casamanto's oyster loaf or Central Grocery Mufaletta or angelo Brocatos and Parkway Bakery

Saturday dinner with 3 people I don't know, thinking Brigtsen's, Stella, or Commander's Palace

Sunday brunch--jazz brunch at Commander's Palace Will it be too similar to Galatoire's? Will it be awkward dining alone? (middle-aged woman, okay with eating alone but want to be comfortable--read posts)

Sunday dinner--Galatoire's--conference presenter dinner SET

Monday--might be eating alone, thinking Bar at Cochon or Chef's bar at NOLA

Tuesday-dinner with one other person I don't know well; can go to one of the Saturday suggestions--Brigtsen's, Stella, or Commander's Palace

Wednesday--might be eating alone

Thursday-breakfast Camella Grill or Mother's or just hang it up at Café du Monde and bring a sandwich for the plane; fly out at 2:30

Should I try to fit Pascal's Manale's BBQ shrimp in and are they open for lunch? Is it worth it to try to get to Mosca's across the river? How about Mandina's (take the Canal St. Trolley), or Liuzza's? Casamento's?

What am I missing ?

Thanks for all this great information and your help, and if you ever get to Boston....

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  1. --Save Mosca's for another is best experienced with a group, as their dishes are family-sized and made to share.
    I'd skip Manale's, too, on this trip. And Commander's won't be too similar to Galatoire's. They're very different places, both uber-new orleans in their own ways.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      You are fortunate to be in town for part of the New Orleans Wine and Food Festival. Check out, and you will se a host of vintner dinners all over town Wed nite. Many will be sold out, but there should still be some availability. They range from $85-$125 per person.

      1. re: steveds

        Thanks, that's a great idea. I'll check it out.

    2. I'd really try and hit Herbsaint while you are in town as well- they are open for lunch and dinner- similar but not the same as Cochon.

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      1. re: jpschust

        Herbsaint is great and wonderful for singles.

        1. re: malenky

          Do Cochon and Herbsaint have the same chef? Thought I heard that somewhere. Are they significantly different?

          1. re: rmanna

            Well, Donald Link is the executive chef/owner for both. The are very different places. Herbsaint is french new orleans cuisine and cochon is rustic cajun food; two very different cuisines. If you go to herbsaint, I'd recommend the pork belly. It is truely amazing. The frog legs app is also great. They have a nice little bar area that is great for eating by yourself.

      2. I would skip Central Grocery, yes they invented the Mufaletta, but lately they are very thin and disappointing. Have you tried K-Paul's yet? Relaxed, fun atmosphere, food is GREAT and contrary to what most out of towner think you can get things that are not spicy if you so choose. Sure you can get etouffe or blackened drum cheaper down the street, but it won't be better. The portion sizes are also very large. Skip the desserts unless you like really sweet things. Have fun in NOLA

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        1. re: NolaRola

          And K-Pauls is one of the most important restaurants in the country just because of its eventual contribution to the world of fine cooking and american chefs.

          1. re: jpschust

            Are you kidding! While I can appreciate your love of Paul Prudhomme's cooking K-Paul is over priced and over sauced! I think when I left there, while the service and atmosphere were good, I was physically ill from the 10 different components on eahc dish and the amount of oil surfacing to the top of my appetizer. If I were a out of towner I might go there based on it's tradition and atmosphere, but being a local I can think of about 30 other places I would go first.

            1. re: localfoodie

              My comment was purely on the source of the tradition and influence K-Paul's has had on cooking in the united states.