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May 8, 2007 01:17 PM

Manhattan Neighborhood Italian Gems

What's your go-to Italian restaurant for a nice quick dinner - delivery, take out, or dine in?

Mine are

UES - Gino's (83rd b/w 1st/2nd)
Midtown - Vinci's (1st @ 62nd)

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  1. West Village: Tanti Baci (delivery), Malatesta Trattoria

    1. Pisticci -- up by Columbia: my favorite: so delicious and simple
      ino -- West Village (though that's solely panini)
      Malatesta--West Village, delicious food, so authentic (service not so great)
      Lupa--W Village
      Acqua - UWS; they do a pretty great brick-oven pizza
      Il Buco--on Bond St. (love the atmosphere and the food)

      1. UWS - For dine in only - Celeste and Gennaro. For take out - San Luigi.

        1. I'm in the West Village too. Mine are:
          Malatesta, DaAndrea, Pepe Verde

          1. Maurizio Trattoria--13th between 5th and 6th
            Freddy's Place--8th and Jane