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May 8, 2007 01:03 PM

Christopher’s Big Cherry – Who has them or something close?

Yesterday I stopped in a small mom & pop liquor store to buy a cold bottle of water (Hot day -- May 7?) and when I stepped up to the counter to pay I noticed something I have not seen for a while - a box of Big Cherry candy bars. I bought the whole box – $18 for 24 of them. I think this candy bar is still made in L.A. only, and has a history as far back as Big Hunk, Look and Aba Zaba, but it is hard to find. When you have a sweet-tooth just one Big Cherry will cure it Big-time. It is a mound of chocolate mixed with crushed peanuts and it has a very sweet pink center with a whole “cherry” inside – 1 3/4 oz.

Three questions, First, has anyone seen Big Cherry around town? Second, has anyone seen anything like a mound shaped chocolate peanut cluster with a cherry center being made at a small chocolate shop that makes hand-made chocolates? Finally, are there any other whole cherry centered chocolates out there?

Almost forgot, I found them in El Monte -- A liquor store at Peck Rd. and Lambert across from Jolly Jug.

Blog that has a pic of Big Cherry

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  1. I've seen (and bought one of) them at the little Korean-owned Japanese market, Sierra Produce, on Baldwin in Arcadia.

    There are lots of cherry filled chocolates..chain stores like See's has a version w/ a hint of cherry, there are the ubiquitous cherry cordials, Godiva sometimes has seasonal ones. Of course, there are also the chocolate-covered cherries you can find most anywhere now - a drugstore, TJ's, Whole Foods, Starbucks.

      1. Yes I've had those since i was a kid!, you ever had one of these,similar,but with a dayglow pink mixed soft candy/cherry center ,also very tasty!

        1. I found this, looks like as cheap(without the shipping) as you can find them,good luck,and enjoy!

          1. I see them all the time... pretty much everywhere. 7-Elevens around Long Beach definitely carry them.