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Christopher’s Big Cherry – Who has them or something close?

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Yesterday I stopped in a small mom & pop liquor store to buy a cold bottle of water (Hot day -- May 7?) and when I stepped up to the counter to pay I noticed something I have not seen for a while - a box of Big Cherry candy bars. I bought the whole box – $18 for 24 of them. I think this candy bar is still made in L.A. only, and has a history as far back as Big Hunk, Look and Aba Zaba, but it is hard to find. When you have a sweet-tooth just one Big Cherry will cure it Big-time. It is a mound of chocolate mixed with crushed peanuts and it has a very sweet pink center with a whole “cherry” inside – 1 3/4 oz.

Three questions, First, has anyone seen Big Cherry around town? Second, has anyone seen anything like a mound shaped chocolate peanut cluster with a cherry center being made at a small chocolate shop that makes hand-made chocolates? Finally, are there any other whole cherry centered chocolates out there?

Almost forgot, I found them in El Monte -- A liquor store at Peck Rd. and Lambert across from Jolly Jug.

Blog that has a pic of Big Cherry

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  1. I've seen (and bought one of) them at the little Korean-owned Japanese market, Sierra Produce, on Baldwin in Arcadia.

    There are lots of cherry filled chocolates..chain stores like See's has a version w/ a hint of cherry, there are the ubiquitous cherry cordials, Godiva sometimes has seasonal ones. Of course, there are also the chocolate-covered cherries you can find most anywhere now - a drugstore, TJ's, Whole Foods, Starbucks.

      1. Yes I've had those since i was a kid!, you ever had one of these,similar,but with a dayglow pink mixed soft candy/cherry center http://www.cherrymash.com/cherrymash/ ,also very tasty!

        1. I found this, looks like as cheap(without the shipping) as you can find them,good luck,and enjoy! http://www.oldtimecandy.com/big-cherr...

          1. I see them all the time... pretty much everywhere. 7-Elevens around Long Beach definitely carry them.

            1. Costco 24 to a box for $14.18

              1. I've seen them at the candy counter at Philippe's.

                1. I can get them at Rite Aid but the cherry has no juice around it and the creamy pink is more like sugar concrete! My daughter lives in Maui and wants me to send her some but I won't send these. The peanut chocolate sits on top like a bad hair do, not like I remember them as a little nut hut!

                  1. Goodness that is a LOT of sugar on your site! How many cavities do you have?! :o