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May 8, 2007 12:57 PM

My Trip to NYC from SF-Bay area

I was in Manhattan this past weekend, visiting my sister and spedning time with friends. I was able to make a couple of memborable stops at the following:

1) Sushi Yasuda
2) Momofuku
3) WD-50
4)Shake Shack

So here's a brief breakdown:

SUSHI YASUDA - Made an 8:00 pm reservation 1 month ago. My friends show up slightly late (10 mins) but everything was fine. We were seated in front of Yasuda, as I had requested. He was extremely friendly, despite what other posts have said. WE orderd a ton of food, all of which was excellent. I requested the Omakase for our group and these were the standouts:
-5 different types of toro
-3 different types of eel (He had actually fresh unagi and anago and
another type which I don't recall)
- 4 different parts of yellowtail
- Santa Barbara Uni
- handpicked fresh crab
- Tiny, adult Squid (in full form)

Service was excellent and Yasuda was very friendly and informative about everything he served. He even joked around with us. I will definitely come back. We probably had around 30 pieces of sushi per person, plus 3 different small orders of sake. Total per person without tip was around $170.

MOMOFUKU - I stopped and put in my name for a large group 1 hour ahead of time to put my name down. The Seat arrangements made it difficult for us to have six in our part, so we ended cutting our group size to 5. The food was very interesting and the flavor combinations were very good. WE had:

-The Steamed Pork Buns (Very Good)
- Snail and seawood Chawan Mushi (Excellent)
- Veal head terrine (Excellent, had a little kick to it)
- Milk Fed Chicken (I never order chicken but i was willing to give it and
it definitely paid off, it was some of the best tasting chicken I've had)
-Banh Mi (I was skeptical about it, being vietnamese and all, but it
was very good)
- Short Ribvs (WEll cooked, sauce was not too sweet)

Th service was pretty good. I was very impressed with the food, inexpensive, delicious and unique. I would definetly return.

WD-50 -- We ordered a lot of food. Apparently every party before was late, including us, so we were not seated till about 30 minutes after our reservation. But Service as very good, our waiter was very helpful. WE also ordered a lot of food. Some of the group wanted the tasting menu and others didn't so we didn't do it because restaurant policy requires that the entire table does, BUT they did allow us to order several dishes off it.
Here's what we got:

- Foie gras in the rounds with chocolate pebbles and balsamic vinegar
(This dish was excellent, I'm not a huge foie gras person, but the foie
came in rice sized pieces, and the chocolate and balsmaic vinegar
totally balanced out the food)
- Cow Tongue (tender and delicious)
-Langoustine with hisbiscus chips and popcorn (Very good, but unlike
the elements were better seperate than as a whole)
- Hangar tartare (some of the best beef tartare I've ever had)
-Foie gras with lentils( Very good and again, I'm not a huge foie gras
-Duck on crackers (tender duck and little chips)
- Lamb loin with potato noodles and pretzel consomme
(RAre cooked lamb, which was tender and moist, the potato
noodles, reminded me of jicama, and pretzel consomme really
tasted like pretzels)
-desconstructed short ribs with Cheddar cheese (The short ribs were
removed from the bone and reformed into whole, large pieces of
meat, which had just the right amount of fat to keep it tender and

Dessert: Apricot Tart with apricot gellee (The best tart I've ever had)

The meal and service were excellent. The flavor combinations were good and Iwas really happy with some of the more unique dishes, especially the foie gras in the rounds. It is a must have.

SHAKE SHACK: waited in line for about 30 minutes (I got there at 11:45AM), got the double shackburger, fries and a lemonade. The meat is grounded just right and cooked just right. No wonder the lines are always long.

CAfeCito: Got the cubano, sweet fried plantains and ham croquettes. All excellent.

All in all, an excellent trip. I must reutrn soon.

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  1. Is it me, or do Viets have a huge appetite for good food?!? Such little people with big tummies and a sophisticated palate to go with it... I'm really not referring to myself...really! :oD Your tour of NYC sounds fabulous. Great review! Love reading the details of each dish ordered...makes us feel like we're there eating the food with you. Mmm, food...

    I was planning to do Sushi Yasuda and WD-50 for my upcoming trip as well but unfortunately, my friends aren't terribly interested in a fine sushi meal nor anything too daring either, so I had to alter my list a bit. Oh well, there's always next time. But I'm hoping to make a little pit stop at Momofuku Ssam Bar before I head home so I can't wait to try those dishes out. Have ordered the Berkshire Pork Buns from the Noodle Shop on my last trip and fell in love with it. Pork fat glistening in all its glory is a good thing. :o)

    Anyhow, glad to hear you had a great trip!