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May 8, 2007 12:32 PM

Komi or Viridian ?

I'm taking a friend out for a birthday dinner Thursday night and have reservations at both places. Neither of us have been to either.

Which would you choose...and why?

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  1. Komi- simply more stunning, original menu.

    1. The dinner I had at Komi recently was in my top five all time meals. And you can trust I'm not a frequent customer of Olive Garden. LOL

      1. Never been to Viridian, but Komi is spectacular. Agree with the previous poster. One of my all-time top five.

        1. No contest. Komi. Viridian isn't in the same class in food quality or originality. [Yes, I have been to both a number of times].

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            By the way ... order the tasting menu at Komi. It is a great experience. The many tiny appetizers (meze) are inventive and something you both will remember.

            1. re: Dakota Guy

              They only do a tasting menu now... so there isn't an option.

              1. re: gooseterp

                Thanks. Been a few months since I was there. They used to offer a choice on weeknights but I never ordered a la carte so I didn't pay much attention

                1. re: Dakota Guy

                  any particular a "must" on the tasting menu?

          2. Viridian is a very nice restaurant. You will have a nice time there. Komi, on the other hand, is a GREAT restaurant. You will have a memorable time there.

            I liked Viridian for its sheer guts - the launch of a fairly spare atmosphere, fine-dining experience on that dicey 14th street corridor...but Komi ranks as one of my four or five all-time favorite D.C, dining experiences (having been there twice). Each time was magic. And Komi delivers the magic without attitude, in a space that seems more like a treasured friend's living room than a restaurant. Viridian will offer you a lovely dinner. Komi will offer you a world-class experience.