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May 8, 2007 12:28 PM

$50ish-$60ish for 3 courses without wine

I've read plenty of great fine dining spots on this board, but what about good food a notch below? If anyone has been to Vancouver, something comparable to some of the places in Yaletown or a restaurant like CinCin. Something around $50ish-$60ish per person for three courses without wine...any ideas? Preferably somewhere a bit 'hip'.

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  1. I recommend Sequel and Habitat which I have great time at both places ! Both of them got modern decor and a bit of hip factor.

    1. If you like french both Batifole and Le Paradis would fit your criteria, we've actually had a meal for two with wine at Le Paradis for around $70. No wonder its packed solid all the time.

      Gio Rana's would also fit the bill, our last dinner for 4 with wine was $200 tax/tip included... plus the vibe is definitely on the hip side.

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        If you have a car and time, head for a lovely getaway to Treadwell in Port Dalhousie (part of St Catharine's). The 3 course prix fixe is $48. They have a beautiful patio right on the water and all the indoor window seats have a great view too. I was there on Sat and it was divine.