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May 8, 2007 12:27 PM

Buy Cherries online

I have bought from harry & David in the past, but to be honest have not been that thrilled (and it comes to about $25 per pound of cherries). I do not mind paying that much but then the cherries have to be spectacular. Any other suggestions of purchasing cherries on line?

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  1. I've bought things from this company before, Chefshop, very reputable. Never bought fresh produce so I can't vouch for it but you may want to check it out:

    (BTW, I tried to get the page w/the cherries on it, but for some reason it didn't take)

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    1. CJ Olsen Cherries from Sunnyvale

      I've been buying these for decades and they are spectacular ... and this seems like it is going to be a good year for California cherries.

      I once lived nearby and now make the special trip yearly just for those cherries. The best are their own bings from the Sunnyvale orchard ... the soil conditions and temperature are perfect.

      All the cherries are hand picked and sorted so that only the most perfect go into the order.

      The fancy pack ... yes $25 a pound ... are the largest, sweetest juciest berries you will ever eat. The others packs are also hand picked and sorted, but not as large ... splurge for the fancy pack.

      1. I have ordered from Buckskin Orchard Cherries. Delicious! But I sure did get teased that I spent that much on cherries. And I have to say that I then travelled to Vancouver in August and had the most amazing Lapin cherries, that definitely beat the fine specimens offered by Buckskin. (I note, however, that I only had their red, not their ranier). Now I see that ChefShop is selling lapin cherries I might have to splurge..

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