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May 8, 2007 12:27 PM


I'm a New Orleanian in exile. Can someone give an assessment of the snowball situation down there right now? It's getting hot, and school's almost out, so I imagine some of my favorite places are about to open up. What's open? Did any of the best stands close for good? I'm specifically concerned about Plum Street, which was like a second home to me growing up.

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  1. Plum street is open and well. Went there last week and had a nice and tasty raspberry snowball. There were actually opened last summer as well. Most of the snowballs stands are up and running.

    1. Yeah, Plum Street is fine, and Hansen's is too, despite a changing of the guard to the younger generation (RIP, Mr. Ernest & Ms. Mary). I'm pretty sure that Pandora's is operating, and that snowball shack on Jeff Highway near St. Agnes is kicking, too.

      1. Plum St. is up and running and good as always! I guess I'll have to get over there tomorrow, because now I'm craving one!

        1. Right before Katrina there was an article in the Lagniappe that contained a list of very popular snowball stands and their signature snowballs. One I'm most interested in is a Red Velvet Cake Snowball. Does any know the name of the snowball stand that makes this? This sounds sooooo gooood!! Also, it would be fun if you guys would share your favorite snowball flavor and where to buy it. ;)

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            My absolute favorite: an almond joy snowball from Elaine's in Larose, LA. Fine, fine ice (virtually as fine as Hansen's), topped with almond, chocolate, coconut, and a little evap milk as lagniappe. Worth the whole $1.25 price tag.

            Second favorite is a lemonade sno-bliz, with extra pink special sno-bliz flavor on top.

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              Okay, I have a new favorite: Ashley's experimental flavors at SnoBliz on Sunday were limeade and chocolate-mint. Both were excellent, with the limeade slightly edging the chocomint.

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                wow, that almond joy snoball just sounds sinfully delicious...

              2. re: NolaRola

                My favorite snowball is chocolate with condensed milk. Yum!

              3. Pandora's box on Carrolton towards wisner is fantastic, they have the best creme necter in the city

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                1. re: localfoodie

                  somebody told me Pandora's was selling that something new or was I imagining it??

                  1. re: chef4hire

                    Pandoras is definitely selling tamales! i havent tried them yet though

                    1. re: klm6242

                      Snoballs and gotta love it, only in N'Awlins, bruh...