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May 8, 2007 12:25 PM

Two days, two nights in Vancouver

First time in the city, looking for any and all culinary recommendations.

I don't want to over-plan, and as such will probably make reservations for only one of the two nights, currently considering Lumière. What's the Chowhound take on Feenie at the moment? Worthy of the hype?

Looking for another dinner venue, a great lounge or two, and places to eat in-between. A dim sum recommendation would be appreciated as well.


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  1. Lumière is great, though expensive for the city. Definitely check out Diva at the Met for dinner, it's one of my favourites. Villa Del Lupo and Don Francesco are great too, but more suited for a romantic evening. I love the Four Seasons for lunch, but some disagree, it's a bit traditional but it's tasty.

    1. Salt in Gastown great for a snack and a glass of wine
      Ferris' Oyster bar in Yaletown for lunch
      Fuel on 4th for dinner. YUM!

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        I second the rec for Salt in Gastown. A brief stop there on my last eating trip to Vancouver was a highlight. The proprietors know their goods, they love their work, and it shows.

      2. As always, I say spend your serious dinner at West. They just won Restaurant Of The Year Gold, as well as the new Server Of The Year award. There is a reason...

          1. Just there in November and to start your day you must have a latte at Caffe Artigiano next to the downtown Fairmont on is probably the best coffee you will ever have..they won the CA barista award..
            We ate at Lumiere and had an excellent Chinese upstairs from the famous walled gardens (Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden) that was out of this was in a building that sold things downstairs and the restaurant was huge and had a stage..sorry I don't remember the name.
            Vij's for Indian is supposed to be the best in the world....I wish we had more time.