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May 8, 2007 11:28 AM

Keeping Ripe Bananas?

I have some ripe bananas that I want to use in a banana cake = want to make it this weekend-in four days. If I refrigerate the bananas will they be ok to use then?? Is there a better way to keep them- in the freezer????

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  1. I put them in the fridge. Works fine.

    1. they will last in the fridge. they freeze well too, since the color won't matter for cake.

      1. Freezer works great. Refrigerating turns them black -- not sure how it effects the taste but not pleasant to looking at.

        1. I freeze bananas all the time. Perfect for banana bread. I also like to throw them in a blender with some frozen berries, yogurt and juice for a nice, cold smoothie.

          1. make sure you keep the skin on when you freeze them... i froze some without the skin and when they were thawed they turned into a separated water and mush mess. I'm not sure if they were still usable (got them out for banana bread last weekend) but I decided not to chance it they were that gross looking.

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              Ew, nasty. Never tired without the peel -- and now I wont! But I do slice them into chunks before freezing which makes it easier to get the peel off when ready to use.

              1. re: bite bite

                I always freeze without the peel, but then again I use them frozen for smoothies or eaten like a popsicle.

              2. re: LAcupcake

                I regularly throw my ripe bananas in the freezer for future use, and I always peel them first - it never occured to me to leave the peel on. As it happens, this weekend I took my peeled frozen bananas out of the freezer for banana bread. (Sometimes they are there for several months until I'm inspired to bake with them.) Yes, the thawed, mashed bananas are unattractive in both color and texture. But once they go into the banana bread, they work just fine. I've never noticed any downside in either the aesthetics or the flavor of the finished product. Although maybe next time I will try feezing them with the peel to see if it makes any difference.