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Wimpy's Burger - Any good?

Hi All,
I just found out that there will be a Wimpy's Burger opening up near my work and I wanted to know a little more about it. I couldn't find their website. Anyways, is it any good? Can any of you tell me about the menu?

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  1. NO!!! they are horrible burgers... Not a bad greasy spoon breakfast though..

    1. For a well done, frozen, prefab burger, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting.... I was able to eat it. Barely. However, their chocolate shake was memorable as the absolute worst such drink I have ever been served. I did not succeed at drinking it.

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        Try the shake at Hero Burger.


      2. My husband and I tried the burger combo last year (Pickering location) and I have to say, it was ok at best. The burger was super greasy and arrived with just a layer of grease on top. The fries were good ... onion rings were too thickly battered (I think they were frozen) and the relish was "very" watery. We were searching for the best burger (and have tried everywhere, even across the border), but we have not been back to Wimpy's.

        You should be able to find their menu on their website.

        Perhaps give it a try as everyone's taste and expectations are different, but I've had better burgers elsewhere.

        1. The hamburgers at Wimpy's are very thin and I find them to be quite dry. They are huge...they hang over the bun. Not a great burger as I prefer mine to be thicker and juicy. The all day breakfast that they offer isn't bad though.

          The website is www.wimpysdiner.net you can see a picture of their burger and other menu offerings there.

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            The painted on grillmarks and the grease slick look pretty realistic...

          2. I just came back from having dinner with a friend at the Wimpy's on St. Clair East in Scarborough. I didn't know what to expect, but came away pleasantly surprised. The meals, while nothing special, were quite tasty and served in an interesting 50's diner atmosphere at reasonable prices. The dinner specials running $6 to $9 were a deal.

            It's the type of place kids would love.

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              My guess is the St Clair location is the original and all the others are badly copied franchises. I've enjoyed eating here, but I won't go to any of the other locations again.

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                i second the breakfast at wimpy's. not fancy or healthfull but oh so great when you're nursing a bad hangover.
                i don't know if they still have them, but they used to have a breakfast danish on the menu. not the pastry kind.....the fried bun with icing kind.

              1. Mar 20 2008

                I just tried Wimpy's after years of passing by it. On Sheppard Ave East. Fun 50s atmosphere - though looked a little run down, to be honest. Jukeboxes need a bit of a smack to get good sound. Decent breakfast (skip those not so yummy fatty sausages, though) with nice ham and toast. I ordered the 10 oz burger combo. Yuck! A giant greasy frozen patty the size of my hand - with a hint of some unpleasant seasoning that I couldn't quite put my finger on. And whatever it was lingered in my craw for hours - I'm being truthful here. This was in no way a satisfactory piece of meat for man, or dog. Good vanilla shake. But bad McCain frozen fries - advertised right on the menu. No good. How hard is it to make a fresh hamburger and fresh cut fries? A bad shortcut that will likely keep us away from returning to a fun looking establishment and a great concept. Mind you, I haven't tried any of the sandwiches ...

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                  I'll bet that not one person in 100 could tell the difference between fresh and frozen. Otherwise, Tim Horton's would be out business.

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                    LOL. But I wouldn't dream of eating lunch or dinner at Timmy's. :)

                    But seriously, I think most people could taste the difference between fresh and frozen (especially, certain food items). The problem is that not too many people have the chance to taste fresh made food these days. The texture and taste of fresh food is a lot more full - freezing tends to remove some juices from meats once they're thawed. As for fries, the McCain fries looked a bit see-through and had not much taste. That's not something you get from a fresh cut fry or wedge.

                    Mickey D's is about the only place where the fries are frozen and I like them. However, they have invested a lot of money in making this work.

                    Fresh cut is a cut above. You get a real hearty potato flavour and they don't disintegrate when you cut them in half.

                    As for burgers, a fresh burger well-made is awesome. What I had at Wimpy's was not juicy (no surprise) and tasted little like any beef you'd want to eat (probably my least fav frozen patty ever).

                    I did think it odd that they advertised that they served McCain Fries.

                    But hey, Wordsworth, at least they were up front about their mediocrity :0

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                    I have to agree with you eggoman. I am sick and tired of frozen fries and burgers. Contrary to popular opinion, if you've eaten enough frozen fries and then have fresh, you can definitely tell the difference right away. With the plethora of kitchen tools out there, you'd figure it'd be pretty easy to have a prep chef pre-cut some potatoes during the day to make fresh fries. It's not rocket science. I would even go so far as to say that restaurants that can't be bothered to make their own fries should advertise proudly on their menu, "We make your food fresh out of the freezer!".

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                      I always thought that was weird that they'd be gloating about McCain fries. There's another chain called Wild Wing in Ontario that has McCain logo all over the side order section of the menu. Unless they get some huge discout from McCain to promote the brand name, I don't understand the benefit that can be purchased at almost any store for about $3 a bag.

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                        With the way they promote their use of products from Cambell's, Heinz, etc, maybe another tagline could be "Supermarket foods, only not cooked at home." (Let the flameouts begin...)

                        Back to their decor, I guess the fake pre-fab diner nostalgia thing works for a lot of people.

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                          "Supermarket foods, only not cooked at home."

                          I expect very fierce competition for that slogan.

                    2. As per the others - avoid the burger, but the breakfast is OK. The St Clair East location is like a time capsule. It is reminiscent of groundhog day.

                      Their Canadian headquarters are next door. Well worth admiring if you are going to the SCE location.