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Good Eats in Northeast NJ By NY border?

Recently moved back up to the Westwood/Old Tappan/Piermont/Nyack area after not having been there for many years. I know there are a ton of great restaurants up here, whether they be cheap eats or finer eats. Any suggestions on where to take my tastebuds on an adventure?

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  1. Greek Village - Northvale NJ Rt/303, aka Livingston St.
    Freelance Cafe - Piermont NY
    Bailey's Smoke House - Blauvelt NY
    Those are my 3 favorite places

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      Relish in Sparkill NY
      Wasabi in Nyack
      I second the recommendations for Freelance Cafe and Bailey's

    2. I also recommend Freelance and Relish. You may also want to add Lanterna and Hudson House, both in Nyack. Lanterna is Tuscan and HH is American I guess. The owner, Matt Hudson is wonderful and he makes cery delicious desserts.

      1. In Tappan - Village Grill. American with middle eastern touches. Intimate, smallish, very personable owner. Good food.

        1. LuShane's in Nyack too... They have great watermelon martinis this time of year and their fondue is delicious! Sit at the copper bar......
          Art Cafe also in Nyack is great for lattes and middle eastern food- its next to the library on broadway.
          Second the recs for Relish and Freelance.
          For sicilian slices, Ciceros in Bardonia is great and Posa Posa makes delicious salad pies. Turiellos in Nyack has the best plain pizza- cripsy and flavorful! The Nanuet Restaurant also has great pizza... I believe they make the crust with beer so its distinct. When you walk in, you think you may be eating in a different decade but its good for take out!

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            Also at Turiellos is a great arugula slice. It's served cold, tomato sauce, no cheese, topped with fresh arugula, chopped onions and tomatoes.

          2. The Baker's Wife ( you can google Baker's Wife, Tappan)(see Quick Bite), for take out savory dishes, a loaf of bread, pastry, fabulous coffee amazing!!! 33 Old Tapppan Rd 845-359-2228 or 201-784-5688

            1. Lulu’s Café in West Nyack is a great place for breakfast and good sandwiches – owned by the same people who run Temptation Café in Nyack. A great alternative to a diner breakfast.

              I really like Manna Korean Barbeque on 59 in Nanuet. If you order two or more meat items you can cook your own. The bulgogi and kimchi pork are both very good.

              Another Korean place is Hi, Seoul in Bardonia. This is a small, cute place that serves a fixed menu (4 main dishes) and you choose two sides, plus soup and fruit for dessert.

              Nestos Estiatorio in New City is very good for upscale Greek inspired seafood.

              I second Nanuet Hotel for pizza and the basics – plus they are open late and there aren’t too many places that serve cider.

              For a quick informal dinner, Marigrills in Nanuet is great for salads and wraps.

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                One note about Lulu's is that they aren't for early breakfast eaters (at least on Saturday). The only do breakfast on the weekends and they open at 11am on Sat and 9am on Sun. I just called to check regarding someone else's post for a breakfast spot off 287.

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                  Citrus Grille in Airmont, NY. Very good, creative New American, closed Sundays though.

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                  Thanks so much for all your suggestions! I am SOO excited! I'll report back and let you know what's good. Mountain House Pizza in Sparkill and Cassies on Rte 303 have pretty good thin crust pizzas as well~

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                    I tried to go to Manna tonight and there was a sign on the door that said the restaurant was closed: new management soon. Really disappointing.

                  2. Two Spear Street is a new restaurant don by the water in Nyack. It takes a few turns to find but it is worth it. The food was AMAZING and the service was very attentive. I also love Wasabi and Freelance cafe.

                    1. Relish in Sparkill has some of the best food we have ever had anywhere. I plan to write my first review on it, but have not done that yet. Everything was wonderful. Hubby even said this is the first restaurant he has been to where the prices are moderately high, but well worth it. That is the highest praise from him.

                      1. I have to seriously disagree with the recommendations of Bailey's Smoke House. I went there few a few times, bending over backwards to give it a chance, but each time it was worse and worse. Complaints:

                        1. The ribs still had the membrane on them, a BBQ faux pas;
                        2. BBQ sauce was not on the table as a staple condiment;
                        3. The first time I went they had the nerve to charge me an extra dollar on the bill for the extra sauce I asked for (it's BBQ place!! Are you kidding me!!??):
                        4. A minimal amount of napkins were on the table - aren't you supposed to get messy with ribs?;
                        5. The brisket and sausages had no flavor and were over-cooked;

                        1. More on Baily's, continued:

                          6. The shredded chicken was mushy. I am sure it was cooked enough, but I wasn’t going to take a chance at eating uncooked poultry;
                          7.Fries - The first few times I went, my meal came with fries, which were great. However, during my last trip, fries weren't brought with my ribs so I asled why. I was told they no longer came with the meal!! Fries go with ribs, for free;
                          8. Salad was served family style, but unfortunately, it was soaked in vinegar;
                          9. Pizza - We also ordered pizza, or so we were told that it was pizza. Yeah, it was cooked dough with sauce and cheese, but Ellio’s tastes better.

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                            Sunds like you shoudn't go there any more...

                          2. Sakana sushi in Nanuet off 59...really creative and tasty rolls

                            1. Speaking of NJ eats: has anyone ever tried Daniel (somewhere way up north in NJ- maybe Old Tappan/Rockleigh)? it's somewhere up there and i've always wanted to check it out

                              1. My dad lives in Grandview and I grew up in Closter, so I agree with a fair number of these recs. I'd like to add:

                                La Bamba in Sparkill - affordable, quality Mexican - the back of a store. Try the tortilla soup - muy sabroso!

                                Iron Horse Grill a long time family fave (in Westwood), sometimes a long wait for tables, but good burgers, etc.

                                Happy dining!

                                1. Henesey's Tavern in Northvale- try the chopped salad.