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May 8, 2007 11:09 AM

ocean shores? anyone?

I'm taking Mrs. Trout on a birthday getaway to Ocean shores. We've never been so have no idea what to expect other than long expanses of beach (Mrs. T loves beachcombing). Anyway, any groovy chowish eatin' spots in the area?


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  1. I spent two of days in Ocean Shores just a couple of weeks ago, and as far as I could find, it's a chowhound wasteland. I couldn't even find a decent cup of coffee!

    There is a brand new wine shop that was good, and has a tasting room in the back, just south of the main beach entrance in Ocean Shores.

    The best meal I had was dinner at the Quinault Beach Resort, where we were staying. Their fine dining restaurant, Emily's, has the best food in town. Beautiful presentation, amazingly low prices, absolutely enormous portions. Good wine list, too. Service was a little bit odd.... Our server was nice and very earnest, but I doubt he'd ever worked in nice restaurant before. He brought us clean forks and side plates with every course -- by the time the meal was over, everyone at our table had 5 forks and 5 side plates, and there was a pile of even more forks in the center of the table. Courses came out in a weird order, with long delays between. Nevertheless, it was a good meal since we weren't in a hurry, we just had fun with it and with watching the other interesting people in the restaurant. If you go, make a reservation -- it's not a large space, and very popular.

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      A second for Emily's. Quinault Beach Resort is the nicest hotel in the area (my opinion) if you're still looking for accommodations. The king rooms are set up with a fireplace between bedroom and seating area, not the norm, but very pleasant.

      Emily's also has an outstanding brunch (we opted not to participate in the buffet, although it was impressive), but ordered from their menu. The razor clam po'boy was more than memorable.

    2. There's a place in Westport (okay, not that close, but I think there might be a ferry?) called Barbara's by the Sea that does good fried seafood (at least, it was good when we were there about a year ago). I remember someone else mentioning a place called Mike's Seafood in Ocean Shores a month or so ago for fish and chips - you might want to do a search. Also, Gabelli's in Aberdeen (again, not that close, but...) is good Italian, especially considering you're in Aberdeen! Good luck.

      1. A great place to stay is in a home on the beach, of course. We like the Moclips area. Expansive beach, quiet, beautiful. Moclips is just a short jaunt to/from the town of Ocean Shores.

        Its true Ocean Shores is really lacking in good eats. However, one gem we found was Mike's Seafood, 830 Point Brown Ave Ne, Ocean Shores (360) 289-0532. They have a restaurant in the back offering fried 'baskets' and the like. We always opt for a pound (sometimes two) of the awesome local (really local) clams out of the live tank and take them back to the rental house for further feasting. Usually uber fresh salmon and crab offerings as well.

        The Ocean Shores IGA grocery store has a surprisingly fresh selection of veggies and various sundries.

        I have heard tale of decent Mexican (from Mexican friends) food, Las Maracas, in Ocean Shores but haven't tried it personally.

        Lastly, for a good pint try Galway Bay Restaurant & Pub. The stew wasn't thrilling but the Guinness was.

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          well who knew? we had a really swell time in ocean shores -- well, except for the crooked, crooked, crooked blackjack dealers at the quinault casino, but that's an entirely different story. Anyway...
          Galaway Pub -- Decent food. Mrs. Trout had the seafood pasty (filling!, creamy! lotsa mashed tatties on the side!). Your narrator had the homemade corned beef. Pretty OK, but please, slice it thinner. Decent beer selection. Nice folks. Good times.
          Later that night, we found ourselves in the casino (warning... crooked blackjack dealers). The line at the fancy-pants place was huge, the sushi joint looked a little sketch so we went to the lounge ("Baby," I said, "I guarantee it's the same kitchen as the fancy place." )
          The Mrs. had a craving for fish and chips. I had an equally passionate fire burning for razor clams. Both were on the menu! Joy!
          The Mrs. loved her F&C and I was thrilled by the razor clams -- tender, spicy, clammy.

          For breakfast, we had BLTs at some funky lil' mom and pop (free refills on the iced tea!).

          We did check out the seafood at mikes, but seemed less than appetizing, so instead, we picked up a coupla pounds of razors and a dozen oysters at a shack on the outskits of town.