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May 8, 2007 11:00 AM

Sunday Morning Breakfast in Santa Cruz

My wife and I will be driving down to Carmel via Santa Cruz on a Sunday morning, figuring to get into SC around 8:00 am or so. I was planning to eat at the Silver Spur, but learned it is closed on Sundays.

My backup choices are Zachary's or Linda's Seabreeze Cafe. Which would you prefer? Thinking bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, pancakes, good coffee, etc., unless there are outstanding items at either place worth considering. How are the wait times at around 8:00 am? Thanks for your help.

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  1. I did a recent review of breakfast spots:

    My pick for 8:00 would be Hoffman’s Bakery or Walnut Avenue Café. Can't speak to Linda's.

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      For downtown, I agree that Hoffman's or Walnut Ave. Cafe would be good; I would choose these over Zachary's. If you are into eggs benedict, scones, or AM pastries, then I would choose Hoffman's over Walnut. Hoffman's website seems to be down, but here's a link to Walnut Cafe's:

      For eastside SC, Linda's Seabreeze is a good bet. I've never been, but they have a huge following in the neighborhood. The wait is always long later in the day, but I would think that 8am wouldn't be too bad. I like breakfast near the water at Aldo's at the yacht harbor, partly for the food but also for the relaxing location and outdoor seating. Both websites linked below.

      Have fun and please report back on your outing!