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May 8, 2007 11:00 AM

Eating out in Boise

Is this possible?

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    1. re: Tripper

      Thanks, unfortunately I just got back from Boise, but go there regularly and am always disappointed. Long list of unfortunates. But I'll try Epi's next time. Thanks.

    2. I am determined to eat at Epi's someday. I suggest you get reservations wherever you choose to go.

      Have you used the "search" box above for Boise?

      1. Just saw your posting, there are a few places in Boise that are decent ( I know it's difficult to find them, I moved here from Chicagoland). There's a great fine dining place downtown off Capitol called Berryhill & Co. Not a huge selection, but the foods they have are great. We have not been disappointed yet. If you just want a good burger, believe it or not, there's a restaurant by the Edwards Cinema off Overland & Cole called Legends that has the best burgers in town (big burgers, nice and juicy, very tasty). There's also a decent Thai place on the corner of Emerald & Orchard called Chaing Mai. There is no such thing as good Chinese in Boise. Can't find one to save my life. For good breakfast, on 5th & Main there's a great little joint that I can't remember the name of but they have great pancakes! Any other types of food you're looking for in Boise?

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        1. re: khinrichs

          Saw the post, there is only one place worth a stop, actually twice. Andrae's, they do not advertise and they are hard to find but it is worth it. They do dinner only Mon-Sat, i think, and then they do a Brunch on Sat and Sun. We have been there several times and have never been disappointed, food, wine, service all are the best in town!

          1. re: khinrichs

            I prefer Sa-Wad-Dee on Fairview in Meridian over Chiang Mai. Once in awhile I patron the noodle restaurant next to Chiang Mai. It's a hodgepodge of Chinese and Thai noodle dishes. It's nothing earth shattering, but the guy makes his own noodles, so I give him my business based on that alone (and based on my belief he's the only guy in the entire valley specializing in noodles). And it's also worth mentioning that the Asian market on the other side of Chiang Mai is the biggest in the valley.

            Asian cuisine is my primary dining area, and it's generally pretty depressing around here (especially coming from a place like L.A.). I heartily agree about the Chinese situation here (once you start heading out of the city, you only see what's advertised as Chinese/American restaurants, which is just sad). I can't recommend any of them. Yen Ching in downtown got the most raves, but I was underwhelmed. And seeing employees that are as white as snow working in the place didn't sit well with me. There's a place on Broadway that does a limited choice of dim sum (sans rolling carts), but I didn't like it. Japanese is my favorite, which is too bad for me since it's probably the worst represented Asian culture here. No one working in the Japanese restaurants is actually Japanese. Well, there's Shige at Shige's. But he has the gimmicky sushi boats, and the fish quality is no better than the fish I can get at the fish market on Americana. If you want sushi, I'd say to save some money and learn to do it yourself. For Korean, Kim's Oriental Restaurant on Milwaukee and Fairview is apparently the only game in town now. I poked my head in and checked the menu but didn't eat there. I was told the Koreana Grill on Overland and Maple Grove closed down, but I drove on Overland last week and saw some signage still up overlooking the street. I didn't enter the minimall to check it out. But their phone number is disconnected.

            Thai and Vietnamese are the two best represented Asian cultures here, so that's where you'll do best. I've already mentioned Thai, so my Vietnamese recommendation is the wonderfully-titled Vietnamese Restaurant on Curtis and Franklin. Ugly decor, but decent food. I didn't like their pho, though. I thought the pho at Pho 79 on State and Glenwood was superior.

            For good cheap Mexican, I'd say go to Los Betos, although avoid their subpar carne asada. They have menudo on the weekends, but it's nothing special. For dining in, I'd recommend Andrade on Broadway. But with the heavier Mexican population to the west, you're bound to find something better in Nampa or Caldwell. I just haven't heard or read of any.

            Thankfully I can get my empanada fix at Tango's on Orchard not far from Emerald. Have you been there by chance? I did briefly run into a Chicago native there.

            1. re: khinrichs

              Legends? Really? That crappy looking sports bar with the blaring sub-woofers over by the iMax theater? You musta been really hungry.

              I'll second your Chaing Mai rec. Pat's Thai Kitchen on Broadway and Park Blvd. is better.

              The breakfast place on 5th and Main is called Addie's. I've heard good things but have never been there.

              1. re: khinrichs

                I am looking for some good soup in Boise... Can you help ?

                1. re: InRare4m

                  I'm not kinrichs but I'll give you a few ideas. Do you live here or are you visiting? If you need directions on getting there, let me know...
                  Brick Oven Bistro, their selections vary often and I have yet to meet a bowl I did not like
                  Le Cafe de Paris, I really like tomato bisque, and my friend loves the onion soup
                  Angel's, if you like clam chowder is popular in my family
                  West Side Drive-In, not all the time - but I have stopped by to see what the soup of the day is and have been very pleasantly surprised. Sometimes, though, you can tell the soup is a forced combination of leftovers, so read the description carefully
                  Smoky Mountain Pizza, I really wanted to like the mushroom bisque but it is too rich and salty even for me
                  Marie Calendar's, I am a sucker for the veggie soup
                  Do you like Thai?

                1. You know what's funny... I was in Boise in November. I eat out frequently here in LA, so it was only natural to do the same in Boise. The best meal I had was at some chain place called Caraba's (or similar spelling.) It's right outside of Boise in Eagle. It's a chain italian place, and I felt like I was walking into the Olive Garden (which is why I assumed it was a chain before knowing.) The food was actually pretty impressive and when I got home, I looked it up to see if there was one in the LA area, but there isn't.

                  It is a little difficult to find things in Boise, just because there are so many chains. When I travel, I like to eat at new places that are only located there. Sometimes that's hard to do. The non-chains in Boise aren't always that impressive. They don't have the same competition that other big cities do (nor the outrageously high rents.) But, there are some gems, you just gotta dig for them. Can't remember the name, but I've heard good things about some place in the "Hyde Park" area of Boise. Anyone know?

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                  1. re: Azizeh Barjesteh

                    You're probably thinking of Bungalow that Erin K mentioned (or maybe Lucky 13 across the street, but they moved). The menu is pretty standard stuff, and the prices are on the higher side for a traditional menu like that. I know one person who's been there, and she pretty much shared in other opinions that I read online: solid but not earth-shattering. Seems like a decent place to take someone who isn't too adventurous with their dining choices, but a big cut above the chain restaurants that pollute and homogenize the city. The restaurant looks beautiful too. Though it's only a 10-minute walk from where I live, I'm not too terribly motivated to go there. But I'd love to go to happy hour one time during the summer just to sit on that gorgeous patio at sunset and take in the whole village vibe.


                    And apparently there is a Japanese restaurant in town actually staffed by Japanese people! Who woulda thunk? It's Sono Bana (formerly Tsuru) on Orchard south of Emerald.


                    Their site mentions serving ramen (YES!!) and curry dishes, but it's not on their online menu. And do they dare do omakase unlike everyone else here? I need to hit this place up, and soon. That stretch of Orchard between Emerald and Franklin is quickly becoming my favorite dining area because it's one big cultural melting pot.