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May 8, 2007 10:59 AM

Ruby's Water Ice in Graduate Hospital area

I posted about this place last year when someone asked about recommending a water ice place off the beaten path or something like that. It's a little storefront on Catherine St. between 19th and 20th. A Trinidadian guy runs it and for the price and for the area it's a great find. He just opened up for the season yesterday so he only had about 7 flavors today, but he said he should be back in the swing of things next week. He gets his ice from an African friend. He also sells soft pretzels for .25 cents that he'll heat up for you and he also will be carrying hot dogs.I saw the ice and custard mixture on the menu too, the name escapes me right now and I haven't had that so I can't speak about it. Back to the ice, this is pretty darn good ice, it has a nice texture, smooth, creamy, and ice cold. Every once in a while you'll find a small chunk but for the most part it's smooth ice. I'm glad he's back in the hood for the second year.When he has the pina colada, I like to go for that one, today I had him mix lemon and rum (not together). The only problem I encountered last year is his hours, he said he will be there 11am-8pm this year, but I remember last year him not being open some days at all. From the "smell" of things, he seems to be a pretty laid back guy and maybe too much to where he doesn't open up his shop sometimes. I guess he's still living the island life, I can't be mad at him for that though. Price wise, A small is $.75, medium I think is $1.25 and a large is $1.75. I personally would rather support this guy than Rita's anyday.

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  1. What the heck. I've lived about a block away from this place for a year + never seen it open. When he does decide to open shop, what are his approximate hours? I mean, should I try for a morning, afternoon, evening, weekday, weekend? Or should I just look for the smoke as a sign that he's either open or closed? Thanks!

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      Haha. My girlfriend went yesterday after a few hours on the roof deck and he wasn't there either. I'd suggest anyday after noon and before 7pm. Ask him about his hours too, I mentioned his inconsistency too and he kind of chuckled. Try tonight!