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May 8, 2007 10:58 AM

dinner in keokuk, iowa - need help.

looking for any dinner recs. anything at all.

flying to cedar rapids thursday afternoon and driving two hours to keokuk for a friday morning meeting. will be in keokuk around dinner time.

any help is very much appreciated.

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  1. Fiesta Jalisco, on Main Street, is perfect for a light, authentic
    lunch. The year-old restaurant is owned by Jose Perez, who
    brings favorites from his home state of Jalisco, Mexico, cooked
    as though he were indeed home. The region borders the Pacific
    Ocean—Puerta Vallerta is in Jalisco—and Perez’ specialities include
    sublimely done fish served, as most orders are, with fresh
    Iowa vegetables. The margaritas are to die for.
    Further down Main Street is Stan’s Pastry Shop. There can still
    be a line at 1 p.m. waiting for cream horns and cream puffs, the
    specialties of the house. The air smells sweetly of fresh butter and
    what a difference a day makes caramelized sugar and the racks are filled with cookies and breads, but it is the cream-filled pastries that bring in the crowd.

    Stan’s Pastry Shop
    814 Main St., Keokuk

    Fiesta Jalisco
    719 Main St., Keokuk

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    1. re: Devotay

      thanx, devotay.

      we rolled into downtown keokuk around 6:30, drove to the downtown area, and stopped at fiesta jalisco for dinner. my boss wasn't too sure about this place and the whole chowhound thing, but he went with an open mind.

      smallish place (~20 tables) and it was about half full. not bad for a wednesday night. nice selection of mexican beers. heard quite a few people ordering the margaritas. a big fresh-made basket of tortilla chips and a jar of salsa (a little too mild but nothing that a shot of cholula couldn't fix) showed up. the menu is huge, almost overwhelming. i had tacos del carbon in corn tortillas. three of them. the carbon was fantastic. served with a nice pico de gallo, queso & bean dip, and a zesty red sauce. down right outstanding. my boss had chicken & steak fajitas that cam with rice & beans. he was very impressed. two meals + 3 beers = $26. bargain.

      one of the waiters cashed me out at the register. i told him that we were from detroit and that we came to the fiesta soley based on a rec i had received on chowhound and told him that the food was outstanding. he smiled and shook his head. i then gave him a print out of the rec i brought with me and told him he should hang it on the wall. he looked at me like i was kind of crazy, smiled, and thanked me again.

      thanx again, devotay.

      1. re: xman887

        Anytime. Hope you're back in IA soon! Lotsa good food here.

        1. re: Devotay

          This is good to parents live in Quincy, and while I can't remember the last time I was in Keokuk, it's good to know there is something edible there. Didn't the owners of Tiramisu in Quincy open a location there for a while? Didn't last long, as I recall. The Quincy location is going strong, I know.