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May 8, 2007 10:38 AM

Recs for fish tacos in Houston

I seem to recall when I lived there, a dozen years ago and before I was into fish tacos, that Ken Hoffman used to rave about a certain restaurant's fish tacos, but now I can't remember which restaurant. Berryhill's? Other suggestions?

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  1. Well, you already said it but I love the ones at Berryhills. I also like the ones at Terlingua on Studemont. Small place in a strip center but the food is pretty good. Love their Sangria!

    1. I think it's hard to beat Berryhill Tamales, but here are some other places that serve decent fish tacos:
      Tacro Milagro
      El Tiempo
      Cafe Adobe
      I've tried them at those places and wasn't dissapointed, but it's hard to beat BHT.

      1. I've tried several..Berryhill for the WIN.
        Chapultapec on montrose is not bad, and I think spanish flower has them if you need a 4:00 am fish taco.