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May 8, 2007 09:31 AM

Help!-- Need Lyon recs for Sun. and Mon.

We are traveling to Lyon for the first time, arriving on Sunday afternoon (5-27) and leaving Tues. morning to head to Paris. While in Lyon, I was hoping to go to Nicolas Le Bec and Leon de Lyon, but they are both closed on Sun and Mon! Does anybody have any recomendations for both upscale restaurants and some more casual bouchons? We will be a party of four, including my parents, an elderly couple, who might not be into too much of a loud scene. Thanks very much!

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  1. Le Petit Leon (bistro next door to Leon de Lyon w/ same staff) should be open for lunch on Monday... very good food there, as well.

    Bistros we love include Le Splendid (George Blanc) and La Voute (Chez Lea), as well as Bistrot du Vins and Bistro de Lyon and Comptoir du Boeuf. There's an old-timey brasserie behind Perrache train station (that looks like it was the old train station) called Brasserie George that has delicious food as well.

    For high end, try La Tour Rose or Pierre Orsi. unless you want to take the commuter train to Roanne and go to Troisgros?

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      Thanks for the recommendations! I will definitely try Le Petit Leon, as am so disappointed that I won't be able to go to Leon de Lyon, as well as your other recs.

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        I can understand your disappointment... Leon de Lyon is my favorite restaurant in the world... and Jean Paul Lacombe is a fabulous chef... (besides being my good friend ;>))