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May 8, 2007 09:15 AM

Quick Lunch Near San Juan Airport

We are flying in to San Juan Airport with my 2 year old, renting a car, and then heading off to Fajardo. We are arriving at lunch time so I need an EASY place for lunch. By easy, I mean that it is my first time to Puerto Rico, so I want a place where I'll feel comfortable taking my family (before we get acclimated) and which is located somewhere right off the main highway we take towards Fajardo (Hwy 3?).

Cuisine type is not important as my son is an adventurous eater. We are just looking for CLEAN, EASY, CLOSE, and SAFE for our pre-nap meal. Thanks for your suggestions and time.


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  1. Bump - this Baltimore Chowhound has an identical request for my trip at the end of the month. Any suggestions?

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      Thanks for your suggestions! Based on the research and your inputs, I'm thinking our options are either Metropole, or Bebo's BBQ (by the SJU airport car rentals, not the Bebo's near Santurce). I think I'd read some reviews elsewhere that suggested Metropole's service can be a little slow but the fantastic food is worth it.. how's Bebo's BBQ? Is it a counter/fast food-y sort of joint where I could get in and out relatively quickly? We do want to get to Fajardo earlier in the afternoon if possible. At least we'll have a rental car so we're relatively flexible as long as there's parking nearby.


    2. You could try going to Isla Verde...which is just next to the airport, though it would be backtracking a bit no more than 5 minutes, there are certainly more choices than on your way to Fajardo. Casa Dante (Puerto Rican Food), Marisqueria Atlantica (Spanish Seafood), Mangere (Italian), Steak and Co., Das Pastelhaus (Great Pizza).

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        I second Casa Dante or Metropole in Carolina (10 USD each way)

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          I had stuffed chicken at Metropole recently and it took 10 min from order to table delivery.