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May 8, 2007 09:11 AM

Suggestions for a girls' night out?

Hi -- at a charity auction, six of us ladies (30 and 40-somethings) bought a limo for four hours for a night on the town. We are planning to go out on a Friday night in June and have some fun! And some good food! We'd like to make full use of the limo (e.g., go places where it is hard to park, split up drinks-dinner-dessert, etc.) and go fun places where the food is great, but where we don't have to spend a small fortune to eat. Any suggestions for any part of this evening? Maybe dinner in Cambridge or Back Bay, dessert in the North End? We're game for all! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge is really fun for a girls' night out. I have never eaten there, but I know they do serve food. Drinks are kinda on the expensive side (around $10-$12 each) but they're so tasty and strong you won't need more than 2 or 3.

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      I used to live in Boston and I do miss Cuchi Cuchi. They have blood orange martinis and mushroom rissotto with truffle oil for under $15. It's so tasty.

    2. Sonsie or Abe & Louie's to 28 Degrees or Sibling Rivalry to Ivy or Teatro to Noir or Casablanca to West Side Lounge or Gargoyle's. Sharing appetizers to save on $$.

      1. This question comes up a lot, and there's oodles of information if you search on "girls' night". The most recent thread, I think, was where Cuchi Cuchi was also recommended.

        1. I always recommend Jacob Wirth's on a Friday night. From 8-12 with NO cover charge sit and sing with Mel Stiller at the piano - he hands out books with 400 songs and you can suggest a tune to sing. So fun. By the end of the night, everyone thinks they have the best voice. Food is good - German flair to it. Have fun and make memories.

          1. I would highly recommend making a reservation at Tapeo on Newbury Street. Because its a tapas restaurant it accomodates large groups well because everyone shares the dishes, also whats better then way to celebrate a girls night out with a couple of pitchers of Sangria!