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May 8, 2007 09:09 AM

nyc dinner spot for a special reunion of girlfriends

any ideas/suggestions for a fun dinner spot that won't break everyone's budget for a group of 7 girlfriends reuniting after not seeing each other for 5 years? i am the only one who lives here so i want to make the res and hopefully please everyone. good wine list, good food, fun atmosphere but does not have to be the "hippest" place around.
let me know if anything comes to mind...

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  1. Can you be more specific about what you want to spend? Also are there any restrictions? Is sushi ok? Post back and you'll get lots more responses. Have fun!

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    1. re: JeremyEG

      hi jeremy! thanks for the reply and the advice; i am a little new to this site.
      i think the budget would be about $50 per person including drinks and the only restrictions are that a couple of them are vegetarians so i'd like to make sure that they have some options. here are my ideas so far if anyone has any opinion on them:
      *the red cat in chelsea
      *the stanton social
      *lupa or otto
      *tabla bread bar

      it's hard to please a big groups and i know you can't please everyone but i am still gonna' try!

      1. re: eatgoodfood

        I think Tabla Bread bar would a be a blast. I actually put together a similar event (about the same size but not all girls) and had a great meal at Tabla Bread Bar. I've read mixed things about it on this board but I always have a blast there. Especially with their amazing cocktail list. It's also very veg-friendly which helps.

        Lupa would be great too but I think you have to get the tasting menu for a group that size. I haven't been in a while but I'm almost certain that's the policy. That would push you above your $50 mark and it's also way too much food.

        Please let us know what you decide and have fun!

    2. How about Pipa for tapas? It's not hard to make reservations, the space is lively, you've got all the crowd-pleasing sangria/mojito-type drinks...and the food's easy to share and decent enough.

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      1. re: Rafie

        I completely second that. Plus, it's right next to the amazing ABC Home with its great chocolate counter and decent coffee/bread at Le Pain Quotidien. The chandeliers alone shout "girlfriend reunion"!

        1. re: culinarycorps

          If you like authentic Mexican food Mama Mexico in midtown is a good choice for a party. Good selection and price range. Strong margaritas. And Mariachi band!

          If you want a more traditional place try Pescatore (Seafood) or Luna Piena (Italian), also both in midtown.

          1. re: tommyk7

            strong margaritas and authentic mexican is right up my alley...the only downside, i guess, is that midtown isn't that happenin' on the weekends as far as walking to a bar afterwards. hmmm...i think i'll go there soon myself!

          2. re: culinarycorps

            funny! we def don't shy from chocolate or bread...or wine...or food...or...well, you get my drift.
            thanks for the rec!!

          3. re: Rafie

            How's Pipa for a b-day party? I like the idea of tapas and sangria, but I'm not sure about the space...

            1. re: Rafie

              hi there-
              thanks so much...i've never been to pipa but i am definitely going to look into it now.
              sharing is a good thing with our crowd!

            2. I recently had a "girls night" at a Thai restaurant in SoHo called Khin Khao. There were plenty of vegetarian options. You can also share the food family style (the portions are big) - so that everyone can try new things. One of the highlights was the delicious cocktails. We had a great meal and it didn't break the bank. Plus - it's a cool area that you can hang out in afterwards.

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              1. re: Briek

                perfect - i am going to google it right now. who doesn't like thai food - seriously?!
                thanks so much!!!

                1. re: Briek

                  If Kin Khao doesn't work, another fun option for Thai in SoHo is Peep - on Prince between Thompson and Sullivan. Good food (and quite a few small plates that are shareable), good cocktails, and a lively scene.

                2. I love Mesa Grill. It's got such a fab atmosphere - totally casual, but great place. Amazing food. Balcony, bar and dining room seating. Not too loud, but enough so you can have some fun.