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Two weeks in New Orleans

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Best dining experience:
Party of 24 adults plus two children. We started off with an interesting sparkling Gruner Veltliner and then moved on to a choice of Rully or Albarino served with an assortment of appetizers. Spicy smoked salmon sushi, sweetbreads with brabant potatoes, beets, and sherry mustard sauce, wild mushooms with Madeira cream and goat cheese toast, a dish of bone marrow oozing with decadent goodness, and an amazing seafood stuffed red bell pepper were some of our favorites. We moved on to a Rosso di Montalcino and delicious entrees including grilled hangar steak, scallops served with pork belly, and duck breast with pepper jelly glaze. An assortment of desserts were paired with two different dessert wines.
Today, we had a party of six for the Saturday small plate lunch special and it was great. Sparkling wine throughout lunch. We tried every savory item on the menu. Highlights were the scallops, pork brochette, and salmon with pistacio crust served with an interesting mustard sauce with country ham. We also loved the stuffed quail and duck dishes. Our server, JP took great care of us again this year.
Friday. Three of us sat at the bar and had a delicious gumbo, and an amazing duck with the best dirty rice I've ever tasted. We also loved the homemade spaghetti with breaded fried egg and pancetta. The place was packed with festive diners. Terrific.
Raw Oysters
1/2 & 1/2 Fried Oysters and Shrimp.
Small bottle of Coke.
One of my favorite restaurants. One of my favorite meals.
Several visits. Best gumbo ever. This time it was a duck/andouille. Steve Manning is the master of layered, savory, spicy gumbo. Great baked oysters. Veal Marsala. Sweetbreads with carmelized onions and demi glace! A nice '03 Beaune that Brad picked out. Lemon Ice Box Pie! Julie took great care of us. Home run!
Raw oysters, grilled oysters. And, actually a really good dish of red beans and rice with sausage and a skewer of oyster brochette.
Really looked forward to trying this new restaurant. Service was great. Our favorites were mushroom & smoked ham cream with sweet potato biscuit, wood-fired oyster roast, the boucherie plate, chicory, pears & buckboard bacon salad, louisiana cochon with turnips, cabbage & cracklins, rabbit & dumplings, and the oyster & bacon sandwich.
Three appetizer courses. Loved the sauteed mushrooms with marrow toast and truffle oil, gnocchi with sage cream, and the short ribs. Vibe in the room was perfect, as was the unobtrusive but attentive service.
Cafe Degas
My last meal in New Orleans. Sunday brunch. Excellent seafood gumbo and a nice sauteed flounder with pecan risotto garnished with arugula. We shared a nice pate plate before hand and my friend's grillades and grits were the best version that I remember having. My old friend, Gustavo Turcious took great care of us on this perfect day.
Lunch. Classic stuff. Oysters Rockefeller, Oysters en Brochette, Pompano with Crabmeat, Sweetbreads, Creme Caramel. Great bottle of Savenierres.
Lunch again on Friday...Chris Evangelista took great care of us. Champagne. Shrimp Remoulade, Crab Maison, Fried Eggplant, and those lame ass potatoes with nothing inside "bearnaise vessels?"
Crab Sardou, creme caramel, and Cafe Brulot. Good times.
Upstairs at Mimi's
Late night tapas. Wonderful spiced potatoes, sauteed shrimp, mushooms and manchego over toast! Just like I remember it!
Central Grocery:
Best Muffalatta! STILL!
Nothing changed. Still a great place for Spumoni and pastries.
McKenzie's Fried Chicken In A Box
Still good!

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  1. Now that's what I call eating well! You must've taken copious notes in between bites. With the exception of a couple places I've never tried, this is pretty much my dream itinerary. So glad you enjoyed yourself. I'm going to try Cochon next time I'm in town, and I'll have to return to one of my old favs, Brocato's.

    1. My lord, you ate well! You really covered it all, from Bayona all the way down to Central Grocery.

      1. Thank god you got the good stuff...I just read another review and cringed at every dining choice made...your list includes some of the best the city has to offer- glad you had fun!

        1. Glad to hear you had good experience at Bayona. I was there in late March, and frankly, it was uninspired. Probably just an off night.