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DC/MoCo dinner recs for birthday dinner?

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My parents are visiting me in a few weeks, and I'm looking for somewhere nice (but not TOO nice) to take them to dinner, as they both have birthdays around now. Our requirements are exhaustive :)

-We'll be bringing a well-behaved toddler with us, but she's still a toddler.

-My parents do not like "hot" food (e.g., not jalepeno lovers)

-We live in southern rockville, so I'm looking for recs in the District or southern Montgomery County

-Indian is out, as is Mexican; my parents really loved having tapas the one time we took them out for it (my dad used to be pretty picky, but has gotten more adventurous as he ages).

-I'm looking for something ideally $30/entree or under

-I don't eat meat, but will eat fish

If anyone out there can recommend a place that meets all of these requirements, I will be both amazed and delighted. Thanks!

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