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May 8, 2007 08:22 AM

Carmel Area Restaurant Needed (Dungeness Crab)

My husband and I will be in the Carmel area for two nights in June. We have reservations for one night at the Pacific's Edge and need another recommendation for our second night. We would prefer seafood or Italian and a casual atmosphere with great food and not too loud. Some of the restaurants that I have been looking at include: Catinetta Luca, Flying Fish Grill, Piatti, Christopher's, Fresh Cream and Fandango. Recommendations very much needed. Thanks.

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  1. I would nix Fresh Cream and Fandango, as they've both been in serious decline for several years. My favorite for fish (and that of many other posters here) is Passionfish in Pacific Grove, It can sometimes get a little noisy, but that hasn't often been a problem for me. (Use the search feature and you'll see lots of posts.) If you like wine, you're in luck, as their extensive and interesting wine list is priced at about $1 over retail.

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      Thank you for the tip! I forgot to mention that we are also looking for a restaurant that offers Dungeness crab on their menu. It doesn't have to be for dinner.

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        The local Dungeness crab season is over though there are out-of-state crabs or frozen widely available for the unsuspecting. The wild salmon season is getting underway.

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          Thanks Melanie - I'll let my husband know - he'll be very disappointed - but I love wild salmon . . .

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            I was just at passionfish they have dungeness crab cake and salad option on their menu!! It was yummy!!! Rio Grill in Carmel is tasty I don't know if they have dungeness crab, the bar can be a little loud but the rest of the place is alright. If you go into Monterey I would recommend Blue Moon on Cannery Row for lunch they a dungeness crab/avocado/mango salad one of the best I have had.

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              Thank you - I had Passionfish on my list so that makes it easy. How was the rest of your experience there?

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                I too love Passionfish. Don't expect Pacific's Edge as PF is more casual and much less expensive. For starters, I have loved the smoked sturgeon, the fried oyster salad, the salad with beets as well as other things that have been mentioned. I have had good halibut there and on my last visit, the scallops were as good (or better) as any I've ever had. One of my friends swears by the spicy Asian shrimp dinner. The duck confit is also good. The dessert with ice cream and berries with a cabernet sauce is simple but very good. The wine list is extensive and priced very friendly. For me, no visit to the Mty peninsula is complete without at least one visit to PF.


                1. re: Ed Dibble

                  have to say that the duck confit wasn't quite as good as other dishes on my last was a little dry, but I agree with all of your other suggestions! Also, they may well have wild salmon on the menu...

                  Usually, if PF says a dish is spicy, believe them. The spicy Asian shrimp is indeed very good, and indeed very spicy. Sometimes they offer it as an appetizer.

                2. re: INNeed

                  Everything was great!! My entree was the Sablefish with pepper crust and wasabi slaw (hicama & apple) and ginger sauce. My BF had the scallops I was lucky to get one bite. We had a great pinot Roar which was only $50. The staff was friendly, helpful, but not over intrusive. It is a little more casual, but a great place to have good food in a non-snootty environment. Wine is sold at a retail price, who can't love that!!

                  1. re: chrystaldawn

                    Thank you all - that's exactly what we are looking for. Pacific's Edge is our Anniversary dinner w/a view but not typical of establishments we frequent. Thanks for the tip on the Pinot Roar and everything else which is very helpful. We can't wait to report back!

      2. You will love Pacific's Edge. We had a fabulous meal there in December. The service, food and wine list was extraordinary. As an FYI, it was very pricy but worth it. If you are staying at the Hyatt, the other restaurant on the property (whose name escapes me) was excellent as well. Much more casual and reasonably priced, the food was quite good and so was the service. They serve all 3 meals there and have some great views as well.

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          It's called the California Market. The deck is wonderful, weather permitting. However, one night we did sit there in a light sprinkle.

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            Baseballfan - we are staying at the Tickle Pink Inn next door so that makes it convenient for us as well. Thank you for confirming our choice :)