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May 8, 2007 08:19 AM

Green Zebra

Have not heard much about Green Zebra lately. Is it still all it once was claimed to be? I am thinking about celebrating a five-year wedding anniversary there in a couple of weeks. I am normally not a big fan of vegetarian cuisine (nor is my wife), although I know this is different (and that they have some non-veg. dishes).

Any comments, particularly on the tasting menu (sounds like it is different from the usual tasting menu), would be appreciated. The non-alcoholic beverage pairings sound interesting too.


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  1. Just saw some posts over on LTH Forum the other day. Not too positive.

    1. Went 3 months ago for the first time. I had very high hopes and the menu on the website looked great. Note: menu on the website is much longer than the actual menu each night. I would say that actual menu contains only about nine dishes. Some dishes were very bland, others were very one note (overpowering taste of blue cheese). Expensive too, since the dishes are small and not very filling. The only "meat" dishes when I was there were a seafood and an egg dish. Service was ok, but not exceptional.

      Since you are not vegetarians, I would skip it. I much prefer Custom House. If you are just looking for something different, I'm sure the board can come up with something better.

      1. I went for New Years 2007 and had a fantastic prix fixe menu. My boyfriend is a meat eater and he enjoyed it as well, although not as much as I did. Everything was an excellent mix of flavors and, while the plates were small, because we had five dishes we left satisfied. Maybe the service and food was truly on point because it was a big night but I would love to go back. Just haven't had that kind of money to throw around lately.