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May 8, 2007 08:13 AM

Local Rhubarb yet? Danforth area

Anyone seen any local rhubarb yet? I am located in the Danforth area but welcome other suggestions in case anyone else is looking. I know there has been some at St Lawrence Market but I have other obligations on Saturdays.

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  1. Hi Julesrules...I've been looking and also live in the Danforth area, but haven't had any success so far. Please post if you find any.

    1. Just the stuff that's growing in my backyard, I haven't seen anything out the Danforth yet.

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      1. re: Fleming

        I just asked my produce man at the Loblaws at Christie & Dupont on the weekend...he said another week to 10 days before they hit the regular supermarkets....if you call some of the 'high end' grocers they probably have them in stock but at a hefty price.

      2. I saw some beautiful rhubarb in the No Frills at Carlaw and Gerrard yesterday

        1. I saw some local rhubarb at the Big Carrot today. Organic Ontario Asparagus, too.

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            Nice tips I love both. I'm leaving town and will be eating Georgia peaches & pecans for a while, but enjoy!

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              Hey, save some for me...I'm going in daughter & son-in-law live in Savannah....First thing on my menu...'down home' Southern Cooking with Grits at every meal!! While some are singing 'give me that old time religeon' I'm going to find me some Church Fundraising Dinners where the food is as homey as it gets!! After that I'll be on the hunt for 'peel and eat' Shrimp!!!
              Have a great time and be nice to the'locals'!