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May 8, 2007 07:57 AM

OC hound looking for East Bay lunch rec

I live down in Orange County, but I'm coming to the Berkeley area next week. I'm looking for a casual restaurant in or around the B area for a weekday lunch. I'm going to have a group of about 8 (?) people, and it should probably be not too expensive. I'm hoping it will be tasty, though!


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  1. There's a new place that is right off Ashby Ave, Riva Cucina.

    What part of Berkeley? What does 'not too expensive' mean? Preferred cuisine? There's lots of Indian restaurants in Berkeley. How casual ... nice or will a hole in the wall work?

    Hope wherever you choose, you'll report back about it.

    1. There are a at least a couple of dozen great lunch places. Without a dollar value on "not too expensive" (which presumably means not Chez Panisse or Oliveto), some places that are probably not quite like anything you have in LA:

      Cafe Rouge
      Cesar (Oakland over Berkeley)
      O Chame
      Sea Salt

      They all have sample menus online, easy to find with Google.

      Good but you might have better in LA:

      China VIllage (Sichuan)
      El Huarache Azteca

      Which day of the week? Some places are closed certain days.

      1. 900 Grayson is great for delicious, casual food that is not too expensive. It's my favorite lunch spot in the East Bay. They have a large table that is ideal for a party of 8, or they can set up a large party in the outdoor patio. Call ahead to make a res.

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          Wow, you guys are great! And so fast, too! We're going on Tuesday afternoon, and I like just about all cuisines. I looked at the suggestions so far, and they are making me hungry. Yum. I'm leaning toward 900 Grayson, but I'm going to wait a few days to see how many of my relatives are actually available to meet me. Thanks, and keep up the good work! I'll let you know what we choose.

          1. re: chazar

            Grayson can accommodate anything from a solo diner to a party of twelve. Reservations are only available for parties of 6 or more, although I've never had to wait long for a 2 top or 4 top as a walk in. They do a really good job pleasing everyone - from finicky eaters to gluttons, vegans, vegetarins and carnivores. Service is always really friendly.

            The fried chicken and waffles is pure comfort food joy, and the turkey pot pie and fish and chips are excellent (those last two are not always available, unfortunately).

          2. re: Morton the Mousse

            I had a delicious breakfast at 900 Grayson, but I wouldn't go there for a festive occasion.


            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Hey Everyone,

              Well, I had my visit to your wonderful area, and actually my cousin ended up picking our lunch spot! She took us to Kirala, a great Japanese restaurant on Shattuck (I believe, or maybe near Shattuck?). It was really good. I had gyoza, edamame, hamachi sushi, and eel sushi. Everything was excellent. Thanks for all your ideas, everyone. All of your suggestions make me want to come back for a week and just EAT!