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May 8, 2007 07:30 AM

Loire Valley recommendations?

We are staying 2 weeks in the "eastern part of the Loire Valley area : 40 minutes north-east of Tours and 20 minutes west of Vendôme" (from the website of our rental). None of us have been to this area before, any suggestions? Also there may be a large group (8+) at any one time going to eat, will that be a problem? Will we need reservations everywhere? Is there any such thing as 'not touristy'? Also we may have a 1 year old (who eats anything!) with us so let me know if a particular restaurant frowns on children. Thanks!!!

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  1. Sounds like you won't be too far from Troo, a lovely little village along the Loir with some interesting troglodyte dwellings. In any case, we dined twice at Le Cheval Blanc, one night all fish, the next all meat. Both meals were very satisfying, the service was accommodating, and they seemed to like children. We'd go back, anyway.

    Place de la Libération
    41800 TRÔO

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      Thank you so much for this rec! We had an amazing lunch at the Cheval Blanc! The food was terrific and the presentation was very nice. This was definitely the best meal we had in the Loire with a little place in Blois coming in second.
      The only bad part (more weird than bad!) was that they wouldn't allow my vegetarian friend to have a cheese course (her only course at the meal!) and a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Seriously!!!! They acted like it was against several french laws to sell ice cream to someone who had already eaten cheese! It was somewhat humorous...

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        Might I ask where you ate in Blois? Heading there in September and starting to do my chow homework!