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May 8, 2007 06:56 AM

Bakewell tart shells

I have 2 boxes of these mini tart shells, purchased 2 years ago. I do not see any expiration date on them. Are they still edible?? Does anyone have a great recipe to make their own -- ones that easily come out of a tart pan? Thanks.

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  1. Just guessing but - unless they are shrink wrapped you'll probably taste freezer burn. I personally wouldn't risk ruining a nice filling. Cut your losses!

    1. Before you throw them out, bake off a couple of them. No need to fill them you just want to see how they taste once baked. If they taste like the freezer or off in some other way then throw them out.

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        Thanks...these are not frozen. I bought them at SurLaTable. Perhaps I am confusing the brand name, but I thought it was Bakewell.