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May 8, 2007 06:41 AM

Best Martini Bar in Kansas City

Where is the best Martini Bar in Kansas City? Preferably with Jazz.

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  1. My favorite picks are Vivace, in the river market, good for after work, their bar top is made out of ice. I also love flirtini's at reVerse on the plaza, they don't have jazz music, but normally some sort of music downstairs on the weekends.
    I have friends that have been to Bar Natasha which supposedly is quite the experience, so you might find some entertainment there.
    Other than that, one80 in Westport makes some pretty good drinks as well!

    1. OK, this isn't really a martini bar, but they do have a martini menu (does that count?). Last night we went to the Cashew for martinis before dinner. Corner of 20th & Grand? Something like that. Right down the street from the Western Auto building. Great cherry limeade martinis and yummy appetizers (we had the corn dip - pieces of corn mixed with sour cream, onions & tomatoes with corn chips). They advertise live music but we left early to go get dinner. A+ for atmosphere - we sat out on the street but I love the building & garage doors that make it all open and pretty flower boxes. Nice touch and pretty well priced (martinis are $9 but appetizers range from $6 to $9). We need more places like that downtown.

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        Well, I am not sure that there is jazz music in this picture, but this place does make the transition from restaurant to ultra-chic night club . . . I snuck into Victor Fontana's new place Seven, located 7th and Walnut downtown, last night. Very hip! Comparable to anything in NYC or Vegas. However, their specialty drinks are called Sinful Cocktails, named after what else but the 7 Deadly Sins. With martini's named Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony and Lust you know you are in trouble from the git-go.
        Pride - is bright with showy. Tropical, orange vodka, blueberry and lime juicies. $9
        Envy - think green. Kaffir Lime vodka, midori, orange, pineapple, lime juicies. $9
        Wrath - an angry drink. Pepper vodka, spicy bloody mary mix and olive juice. $8
        Sloth - sleepy and sweet. Vanilla vodka, brandy, kahlua, cream and frangelico. $9
        Greed - price says it all. Grey Goose vodka, Licor 43, peach & mango puree, champagne, chambord. $17
        Gluttony - dessert in a glass. Seven liquors including vanilla vodka, Godiva white and dark chocolate, layered with chocolate ganache and whipped cream, $9
        Lust - watch yourself now. house-inflused hibiscus flower vodka, Alize red passion, tropical fruit juices and champagne. $9
        I will not confess to which ones I tried last night . . .that would be giving too much away. Check it out for yourself.

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          Recently went to Swizzle at Gregory & Wornall. Amazing Pear Martini. Great dinner all around, contemporary american cuisine. Made a good impression.

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            I drove by Swizzle and nearly wrecked my Barbie Car trying to write down the name of the place so I could remember to go back to it . . .what did you order? was it good? would you recommend it? Do tell.

      2. Cafe Trio at 3535 Broadway has great martinis and they are $5 on Wednesdays. I really like this place and have always ordered their Scallops praline with Frangelica cream sauce. The pizza looks really good there too. They often have live music.

        1. What does everyone think of Boozefish? Some girlfriends and I just went tonight for Martinis (first Wednesday of the month, Martini and Manicure night with Sex and the City on the televisions). We had a great time and the cosmos were first rate! Great Girls Night Out!

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            I think i'd still have to vote for the Velvet Dog in (what else?) Martini Corner.