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May 8, 2007 06:25 AM

What does Edison/Iselin have that JC doesn't?

I've been hearing that Edison and Iselin have the best Indian food in the Tristate area. I live near Jersey City's little india, but I figured, best is best, right? We made the trip out there and had dinner at Chowpatty. The entire atmosphere was more pleasant than JC--parking was a breeze (maybe we got lucky?), the restaurant was only half full, and they have waiter service so no number on your table. But can I say the food was better than Dosa House, my current fave on Newark? Not really. The dosa was right up there, but the sambar was too salty and not spicy enough, and they don't give the yummy spicy sauce on the side (what is that BTW?). Then again they serve it with great yogurt. So I really enjoyed the experience but I turn to you chowhounds to ask what is so great in Edison/Iselin that has no counterpart in JC?


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  1. Addict:

    Well...if you're only talking hit the nail on the head; in Iselin, Edison, and South Plainfield, parking is a breeze. In Iselin, there's even a free lot. Parking in Jersey City is almost like parking in Manhattan by comparison.

    In both places, the restaurants are mom and pop and are going to vary alot in saltiness and spiciness, so there's not much I can offer you there. That's the reason I don't like to get into discussions about which place is "best."

    To me though, the big difference isn't in the restaurants, it's in the supermarkets. Places like Subzi Mandi, the huge Patel store, and a half-dozen others offer an unequaled South Asian grocery shopping experience. It's for the same reason as the improved parking; it's more suburban and has more space.

    It appears to me that most people head to Oak Tree Road to shop, and then eat while they're there as an afterthought.

    1. Yeah, I would say that Iselin has the best Indian *shopping* in the tristate area but I'd hardly say it's the best food. Food-wise (at least for the South Indian food lovers among us) I'd pick something like Bombay in Westport or Coromandel in Darien (though I realize CT is a bit far afield if you're in J.C.) :)