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Willow Wood - Graton

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When you go to the Wine Country, you consult your map often. You drive to wineries, you drink (excuse me taste), you chat, you absorb the view, and then you go to another vineyard. And another. And another. And before long you realize it's time for lunch. If that Eureka moment hits you when you're in the Russian River Valley near Graton, I recommend you visit the Willow Wood Market & Cafe. The Willow Wood is casual and inexpensive, but makes some delicious and hearty hot sandwiches. It's just the thing to absorb the morning tastings and provision you for the afternoon. The reuben is one of the best I've had. Strictly speaking, it may not have been a reuben because it was not on pumpernickel or rye, but it was definitely reubenesque. They also do a guilt-inducing, though yummy, hot open-faced egg salad, pesto, pancetta, and fontina cheese sandwich. I hear they do wonders with polenta.

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  1. I've been going for several years, but was very dissapointed in the Huevos Rancheros I had there two weeks ago. The beans they used were like a black bean salad and were dressed with vinegar. The vinegar overwhelmed everything else on the plate and ruined the dish. Of course this was the first bad experience I've ever had there with the food. My wife had the egg sandwixh you mentioned and it was tasty, if not overwhelmingly rich.

    I'll add that on this last visit the hostess was incredibly kind and accommodating in getting our large party a table quickly since we had two hungry toddlers with us.