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May 8, 2007 05:57 AM

What other restaurants have fries like Balthazar?

I really like the fries at Balthazar. Thin, crispy, salty and great flavor. Suggestions for restaurants in NYC with similar fries? (someplace that serves them with good steaks or mussles???)

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  1. Cafe de Bruxelles has wonderful fries - and mussels. I also like their endive salad. Alot of other items on the menu are hit or miss.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Florent, in the meatpacking district. Quite possibly the best fries (of that style) in the city. .. arguably. No, I'm not trying to start that argument.

      But you'll like the fries at Florent, methinks.

    2. All too few, sadly.

      All McNally's restaurants have good fries, so that means Pastis, Schillers, Pravda and Lucky Strike (although I haven't been there in years). No idea about Morandi because I haven't eaten the fries there yet, and so far, I have no real urge to return.

      Petite Abeille, Odeon, Cafe Luxemburg are all similar, and among my current faves. All have outstanding fries. And there are others, but not numerous.

      - Sean

      1. Not my favorite area or atmosphere BUT Jubilee has great mussels and fries. Also, for a great inexpensive date Petite Abeille has really good one's too. I can only vouch for the one on Hudson, though I'd think they'd be relatively consistent across locations...

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          Goblin market has great fries of that ilk and style....

        2. I just had Mussels & Fries at Tartine - loved the fries. Mussels were solid, but the fries....

          1. Markt - Sixth & 21st. Plus an amazing selection of Belgian beers.