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May 8, 2007 05:56 AM

Stuffed Chicken Breasts

alright... i decided to make stuffed chicken breasts... but all the recipes i look at seem to tell me to flatten the chicken completly... is this REALLY nessacary? and second... does anyone have a stuffing recipe for me? preferable with some vegis... but i can incorperate that in as a side... thanx a million... also can i grill them or bake them? thanx

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  1. I actually use an Ina Gartner recipe that calls for the stuffing to be put under the breast's skin...It is a slice of herbed goat cheese, and a basil leaf...Then the breast is seasoned and brushed with olive oil and roasted...Very good...and easy....

    1. If you don't want to pound the chicken flat, you can create a pocket within the breast. Take a small but sharp knife and gently insert it from the side of the breast. Keep the hole itself small, but poke around with the knife to open the inside of the breast. Be very careful not to push the knife all the way through the breast - you're just making a pocket. When done, remove the knife and insert your filling through the hole.

      If you're going to do this method, you should make sure that your filling is well-chopped. It's impossible to get a slice of ham in there nicely! But what kind of stuffing are you looking for? A bread stuffing? Try sauteeing onion and celery in butter, throw in some chopped sage and then crumble in cornbread. Stir in some chicken broth to dampen and sliced prosciutto. That should be nice in chicken.

      I'm sorry if my instructions are unclear; it's hard to describe. Can anyone do a better job than I did?

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        Yes, this is what I do, cut a pocket horizontally in the breast and secure with toothpicks, works great! Pounding breasts is horrific for me; I always end up with a tear and then the stuffing bleeds out while cooking and I look like a truck ran over me after pounding the breasts. sheesh! I've posted a recipe on this board for Greek-Style Chicken breasts that are stuffed with feta and spinach numerous times if you'd like it!

      2. The breasts are easier to stff and roll evenly if you flatten. Remove the tenderloin, cover w/ plastic wrap, and pound gently with your fist (better feel). Stuff with combinations of parboiled red bell pepper, spinach, and /or carrot; sauteed mushroom; a relatively hard cheese; chopped and sauteed livers and gizzards; finely chopped crispy bacon; the list is endless. Combos of colorful vegetables plate and present very well: plate your other stuff, slice stuffed breast at the diagonal, prop one half up on the other, sauce...serve.

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        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          I have done both the pocked and the pound and roll method. When done well the end result is much prettier with the rolled method and the pounded chicken breast is usually more tender.

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            Sam, I'm trying to stuff mine with cast iron red bell chimes- perhaps I'm confusing channels. Ayudame, por favor:)

          2. I have stuffed chicken many ways and I usually don't flatten them even though it makes it easier to roll. I have done them with ham/cheese/tomatoes and then rolled in bread crumbs... my favorite way to do them is to get the frozen puffed pastry sheets...cut in 1/2. Place breast (cut chx to fit dough) on dough, top with anything you want for veggies. I like fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and sweet onions. wet the edges of dough and fold up the dough to cover pressing seams firmly. Poke a hole (vent as in pies) on top and bake according to pastry directions.
            For the more dietetic version in place of dough I use parchment paper and top chicken with all sorts of goodies and bake. Each person gets own pouch and everyone loves the suprise of opening them up...