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Mother's Day Brunch

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Nothing like waiting till the last minute!!! I'm looking for a good place for brunch for Mother's Day. I'm more interested in your typical, but fancy brunch fare. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Our nonprofit is hosting an Irish Sunday Brunch on Mother's Day with Irish Music legend, James Keane with a very nice brunch with a touch of Irish fare. It's a lovely new venue called Waterford House. Check it out at www.celticcenter.org

    1. Fonda San Miguel serves an extremely impressive and wonderful brunch. It is amazing. Definitely go there!

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        I'm sorry, I have to disagree with this. FSM's brunch is $40/person ($20/child, and that's including 6 year olds) for food that all tastes the same. There has to be a better brunch in town.

      2. A follow-up---I thought Mother's Day at Fonda San Miguel was great. I did a quick browse of the board and I see it's been mentioned a lot so I don't need to go into detail. But I will say (for next year's moms!) they have walk-in seating around 12:30-12:45 for people who don't make reservations. You sit either in the bar room or on the exterior of the courtyard sort of place near the entrance.
        It was a very pretty restaurant. I don't eat meat so I wish it cost only $30 instead of $42--but the meat looked sumptuous, quite the main event. However, I had about 15 cold appetizer/salads and 7-8 mexican dishes to choose from, plus a table full of dessert.
        Chocolate mousse and these berry custard tarts were the best? I thinks so :)

        Definitely a nice treat!

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          I'm glad you liked it!! I was there for Mother's Day brunch as well. I LOVE their brunch!!!