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May 8, 2007 04:33 AM

Chocolate shops by NYU

I'm looking for to buy some good chocolate as gifts by NYU or the area.

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  1. Not too far down Thompson is Kee's, in Soho - wonderful homemade chocolates.

    1. I second Kee's. Chocolate Bar and Jacques Torres are walkable from NYU.

      1. Thirding Kee's as the go to spot for great truffles; however, they don't keep very well and must be consumed within 24 hours.

        If you want a variety of items, I might also hit up Vosges (if only for their bars -- not impressed with their truffles), MarieBelle (hot chocolate mixes, truffles), Jacques Torres (for, say, chocolate chip cookies or chocolate covered this and that or hot chocolate mixes), Li-Lac (for a more "homey" selection of chocolate pretzels, fruit, etc.), Chocolate Bar (they sell Jacques Torres but also other items like their own chocolate bars, chocolate marshmallows, etc.) or Michel Cluizel inside of ABC Carpet and Home up by Union Square.

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          Jacques Torres. Best. Chocolate. Period. Ok, ok., so that may be a bit of a hyperbole, but I'd put JT's chocolate up against anyone's. The extra-dark is fabulous.

          1. re: fsd1116

            Are you talking truffles, chocolate bars, hot chocolate, or other chocolate items?

            I used to love JT's truffles until I went to Kee's. The bars, especially the creme brulee, are still very very good.

            1. re: kathryn

              Went to Vosages to get some chocolate truffles. Had some excellent free samples too. I have been going to Jacques Torres for the past two years and wanted to try something different. I will definitely check out Kee's soon. Thank you for all the recommendations.

        2. Vosges in SoHo is great. 132 Spring Street

          1. Vosges...was not impressed
            Marie drinkable chocolate of all
            Jacque Torres...everything delicious and a lot of variety...loved that place
            Kee's...Small selection but good