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In Search of Chipotle Tabasco sauce

I recently ran out of the Chipotle Tabasco sauce that a friend had given me and I've been looking for another bottle but can't find it around. I've tried the Whole Foods at Alewife, Wayland, and Framingham, also Idylwilds market in Acton. No luck.

Anybody out there know a local purveyor of Chipotle Tabasco?

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  1. You can buy it direct from Tabasco. tabasco.com
    They have other neet things as well.

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      I bought a bottle at a Super Stop and Shop last year.

    2. Fresh Pond Market in Huron Village, Cambridge (about a mile from Alewife Whole Foods) stocks it.

      1. Bufalo (sic) and El Yucateco Chipotle sauces are better, IMO. You can find them both at this little El Salvadorean market on upper Moody St. in Waltham.

        1. I've bought it at both Shaws and Stop&Shop, I believe within the last year both times.

          1. I bought a big bottle last month from the Shaw's at Packard's Corner in Allston.

            1. I saw it yesterday at the Stop & Shop in South Bay Village (Southie/Dot).

              1. Fwiw, bought some Tabasco brand habernero sauce the other day- it has about the same heat content as regular Tabasco.

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                  I hate to be that guy but tabasco habenero sauce is WAY WAY hotter then regular Tabasco. Trust me...I travel far and wide to find the stuff. Its that good!! The first few drops are about the same...but once you get into the bottle the taste and heat are a perfect match. Hanoford Brothers Supermarkets is the only chain supermarket where i can find the stuff. Prices are just right!!

                  1. re: CapecodKid

                    I second that, Clarkafella. Both are really good, but the habenero is WAY WAY WAY hotter. The Chipotle seems to me to have slightly less heat than regular Tabasco, but that wonderful smoky flavor.

                    Both Shaw's and Hannaford (Shop & Save) carry them up here in Maine.

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                      Well, I dunno- just grabbed the bottle of Tabasco habenero (readily available in all grocery stores here) out of the 'fridge and put a few drops on my tongue- it might be a *little* hotter than regular Tabasco, but it certainly is nothing to write home about from a heat standpoint.

                      To be honest though, it has been a while since I've had "regular" Tabasco sauce. We have been using the Chipotle for flavor, and when we needed heat we used something called "Hot Sauce from Hell- Devils Revenge". That stuff was really, really, hot- maybe it is that I've gotten used to it and the Tabasco habenero just seems tame by comparison...

                      1. re: Clarkafella

                        It's certainly not as hot as some habenero stuff, but it's definitely the hottest of the Tabascos (unless they've come up with a Scotch Bonnet sauce while I wasn't looking). Maybe you fried your taste buds with that Devil's Revenge.

                        Have you tried Mrs. Renfro's habenero salsa? I think it's the best salsa ever for adding heat to almost anything. Lovely fresh flavor, too.

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                          Well, for one thing, keeping it in the fridge dulls the flavor--nothing that's refrigerator cold is going to taste as flavorful as something at room temperature.

                          No reason to refrigerate Tabasco, anyway. The color might turn, but nothing with that much vinegar in it is ever gonna go bad.