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May 7, 2007 10:39 PM

need mexican restaurant on way to idyllwild from LAX

hey everyone, my mom is flying in this friday night and has been asking me where we are going for an excellent mexican meal on the way out to idyllwild for at least 2 weeks now. not knowing the LAX area at all, i was thinking maybe somewhere in boyle heights/east LA since that is on the way. just something with good authentic food (good margs a plus!), and nothing too expensive. thanks for any info!

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  1. Two freeway friendly suggestions for high end Mexican are La Huasteca in Lynwood (off the 105 freeway) and Babita in San Gabriel (off the 10 freeway).

    Of the two, I think the food is more impressive at Babita (and probably more expensive). It's exquisitely good, but the pacing is very slow. Don't go if you're in a hurry.

    Not sure why you're routing the trip through Boyle Heights, but you might look for recent posts on La Serenata de Garibaldi, an oldie but goodie.

    1. Professor Salt has given you a couple of great recs. I would like to add La Parilla (on Wilshire off the 110) would fit your bill. I really like their food (especially their Filete al Chipotle) and it is in Charlie Chaplin's old home.
      I love Idyllwild!! Eat at Gastrognome - that is where we eat when we go there and buy some loaves of their house-baked bread - yum!!

      1. For very tasty food, fast- paced service, old time mexican joint very popular with the locals (and with the media - even Huel Howser's been there and did a program on them), they El Tepeyac. If you're coming from L.A.X - you can get on the 60 fwy (Pomona) and get off at Lorena or if coming off the 10 (San Bernardino) you'd get off at Soto - you can mapquest it, either way, get to Evergreen, just above Cesar Chavez Blvd. If you go during the day, it won't be so busy. I recommend that you go to the 'orders to go' window just to take a look at the how fast these cooks are whipping up the stuff and how simple the dishes are. If you're not a cheese fan, stay away from the cheese dishes because the mexican custom prevails here "mejor que sobre, que falte" better that there be abundance than not enough (this is true with all the dishes). It's a fun place. As with all places, some people will say it's much a do about nothing, but it's exceptionally tasty and an OLD favorite. I think you'll be pleased. There's another place on the same street that I have heard nothing but good stuff about but I can't think of the name - i've never been to the second one myself. Good luck.

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          Tepeyac is a very popular place but the food is not that great. If you're willing to jump on the 60 and exit on Lorena, you can instead try Tacos Clarita. Food is delicious, they have quesadillas de huitlacoche or flor the calabasa, tacos de chicharron yummy! They also have daily specials that taste just like my Abuelita made them. It is a very small place, service is not great, actually not much of service when it is busy and it is usually very slow, but food is great and very authentic. Highly recomend it.

          Oh, by the way the restaurant is located 510 s. Lorena st Los Angeles, CA 90063 (323) 262-3620. Fourth is just North of Lorena. Exit Lorena, head north, then make left (west) on Fourth (toward downtown LA), it will be on your right hand side.

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            Hey you got my number ....Where can I get the Best Quesadillas de Huitlacoche in L.A.? I tried it at Border Grill in Santa Monica, which was overly priced so so.

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            I second El Tepeyac (Manuel's). I like the Manuel's special but it is maybe too big unlees you share it. Otherwise the smaller version is called the Hollenbeck. I recall shraring it also. The beef in these burritos is not overly tender and the rice & beans is not all that special. It is the combination of it all that makes it a eating experience that is so down-home. This place will make you crave that taste that so many people line-up for at lunch time.

            You must take cash and you must call ahead of time to check the hours. You will see locals, city hall workers, police, fire, construction workers, office workers and lawyers from the nearby court. At lunch time there will be a line of people waiting to eat inside at the Evergreen location. You can sit outside and order your food at the walk-up window around the side for faster service.

            One of the best T-bones I ever had was here. Not sure if it was a special or on the menu. Also, that guy walking around with the bottle and shot glesses is fun. That makes waiting to sit inside even more worth the wait at the lunch time rush.
            El Tepeyac
            812 N Evergreen Ave
            Los Angeles, CA 90033
            (323) 267-8668

          3. thanks for all the great suggestions everyone, but i think i like the la huasteca idea. i remember reading about this place on the LA board when i first moved out here, and everyone seemed to rave about it, so hopefully it's a sure thing. i'd take her to el tepeyac, but they dont do drinks there, and after being on planes all day i know my momma's gonna want a drink! and she's real finnicky when it comes to service, so that's a major +. one last huasteca does not post prices on their website, can someone give me a pricepoint for 2 entrees, a dessert and a couple margs, i'd really appreciate it, thanks!