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May 7, 2007 10:24 PM

Spoiled in SGV in LA, any hope in Las Vegas?

My fridge is still full of goodies from my time in LA last week, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any good xiao long bao or at least tasty Chinese dumplings in Vegas... I've tried some of the spots in "Chinatown" in LV, but have found little success. Ping Pang Pong, Chang's and Joyful House were OK, but looking for other alternatives... Even a rec for a decent basic Pork Chop Fried Rice would be appreciated....

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  1. Forget about replicating San Gabriel Valley Chinese in Vegas, instead head over to Lotus of Siam for Thai.

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    1. re: ChinoWayne

      Thanks for the reply... We live close to LOS and hit it at least once a week. Amazing stuff... Maybe I'm aiming too high for SGV-style Chinese, but any recs besides Joyful House or Ping Pang Pong would still be appreciated... Again our faves are dumplings and/or a good pork chop fried rice... I simply can't afford the gas to trek out to Din Tai Fung or J&J every other weekend...

      1. re: porkroll

        My best suggestion... I'll split the gas with you as long as we can can stop at Ocean Seafood in Chinatown LA for dim sum.

        I've tried Orchids Garden, Chang's and Joyful House. While they all make decent har gow, bao and shrimp noodles, they all lack variety. And that seems a trend among most restaurants in Las Vegas.

        Viva la strip mall! Long live the franchise!


        1. re: shamu613

          I think I'd rather eat at the Vegas places than at Ocean Seafood, particularly in light of a number of recent downhill reports about Ocean. However you certainly get less variety in Las Vegas than at most of the dim sum houses in the San Gabriel Valley.

          1. re: Chandavkl

            i would take orchids over ocean seafood any day of the week !! my order of preference is orchid's, ping pang pong, changs then cathay house...although i have not hit the sgv as uch as i did last year - my fav is triumphal palace with 888 for the cart service...i felt the variety at orchid's was on par with 888 and yes, i agree that chinatown has bee spreading it's wings, but it's not even close to how spread out the sgv places are spread out ,,,just on valley blvd alone.

    2. While Las Vegas has lots of good Chinese food, it's mostly Cantonese/Hong Kong style. Have you tried the Shanghai style place on the second floor of the Chinatown mall? It's called New Shanghai or something like that.

      1. as a part-time resident of lv and part-time resident of SGV and dating a chinese woman, i've had my fair share of chinese food in both locations - i have not found a location in vegas that will match the dumpling house, 10053 or others in sgv - i feel the dim sum in lv is on par with some of the sgv places ( please, keep in mind i am far from an expert ) and in general, lv's chinatown can give sgv a run for the money - especially when you consider how concentrated the lv chinatown is - happy hunting !!

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          Las Vegas Chinatown is spreading out though. You've got the S F Supermarket shopping mall a mile further west on Spring Mountain and places like K J Kitchen another mile west of that.

        2. Have you tried Chang's for dimsum? I haven't, but some have recommended it here.

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          1. re: Dave Feldman

            Dave, once you have had California (Bay Area or greater LA) or Vancouver dim sum you have been spoiled. I can prove it to you if you show up in California.

            Will be in Vegas again soon, RWCFoodie recommeds another place but I will need to try before I can post.

          2. In my recent visits to Vegas, I've had dim sum at Cathay House, Orchids Garden, and Chang's. While the quality is good at these places and comparable to some of the places in LA, they lack variety and originality in terms of creative or innovative dishes. But if you're ordering regular dim sum items like har gow, shiu mai, BBQ pork buns, chicken feet, sticky rice in tea leaves, these items are pretty good in the Vegas dim sum places.

            Xiao long bao is considered a Shanghai-style dish. The only Shanghai place I've read about in Vegas is Shanghai Noon, at 3943 Spring Mountain Rd. I haven't been there myself yet, so I can't comment on how good or bad it is.