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May 7, 2007 09:30 PM

Where to Find Dog Cookies (for Human Consumption) for Wedding Favors?

The boyfriend and I LOVE dogs. We also like the idea of giving a donation to charity for the favors. We'd like to give each guest a pretty iced dog cookie (meant to eat by humans of course) in a little clear bag with a tag that says a donation to the SPCA has been made in their name.

Any suggestions on where to find the cookies? Local bakery? Online?

So far I've found one, but I'd like to have a few choices:

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  1. Don't know anything about this local company, An Occasional Cookie, but it popped up when I was looking for something else. I remembered your request and thought it might be a potential resource.

    Anyone have experience with them?

    An Occasional Cookie
    Dimitri Spathis Michele Miller
    Personalized cookies that help you celebrate!
    1300 26th Avenue, #102
    San Francisco CA 94122

    1. Bette's on 4th Street in Berkelely, sells little dog cookies.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions!

        Occasional Cookies could do dog cookies but didn't have any photos available of dog cookies. They also charged at least 3x what Art Girl Cookies does.

        Bette's told me they make dog cookies (also no picture) that look like Scotties. We love retrievers and since Art Girl Cookies dog cookies look like retrievers they're a better fit for our wedding.

        If anyone has any other ideas let me know. Thanks for all the fab suggestions. When I need something as obscure as dog cookies, Chowhounders never let me down.

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        1. re: katya

          Hi Katya,

          This store is in NYC but you could order online.

          it is a little pricey but the coookies are gorgeous!

          1. re: kelea

            They actually carry the exact dog cookie I was looking for that was in Bride Magazine!

          2. re: katya

            Could you buy the cookie cutters and ask your bakery to use those? I know Sur La Table at one time had out of the ordinary cookie cutters ... I was into this for a while and have an unusual collection from those days ... no dogs though ... I was into holidays ... but was intrigued by the variety.

            1. re: rworange

              Spun Sugar (on University in Berkeley) has a very wide variety of cookie cutters, if you want to go this route, they might have some dogs...

            1. re: Junie D

              That's cool that they're local. I particularly like their penguin and igloo, fall leaf, and pizza cookies! Thanks for the suggestion.

            2. Thanks for all the suggestions - we've decided to go ahead with Their prices can't be beat at $1.75 per cookie or $4 for 6. (Eleni's was $6 per cookie.)

              Actually, just expanded their photo gallery, and you can see the dog cookies I have in mind there. They have some amazingly decorated (and super reasonably priced) cookies there of submarines, dreidels, and penguins among others. I think they would make great gifts!