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May 7, 2007 09:18 PM

Fleming Jenkins Vineyards & Winery, Los Gatos - anyone try it?

Peggy Fleming has a winery. Anyone try it yet?

Fleming Jenkins Vineyards & Winery
16387 Aztec Ridge
Los Gatos CA 95030
Tasting Room hrs: Daily 11a-6p

Chardonnay, Rose, Syrah & Bordeaux blend wine.

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  1. I tasted through the full line-up and first release about a year ago at a tasting in SF. Competently made, if not exciting. My favorite was the rose'. I tried not to be starstruck having Peggy Fleming pour the wine for me. I haven't visited the property.

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      thanks. Do you remember if it was the Syrah Rose $17 bottle or the Victories Rose $20 bottle?