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May 7, 2007 08:34 PM

Alternate uses for veggie burgers

I have way more veggie burgers in my freezer than I'll ever eat, anybody have a good recipe for using these things other than the obvious way?

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  1. I had the same problem once. Liked the sample at the store so bought a bunch. Turned out I was the only one in the family that liked them.
    I made up a batter, cut the patties into strips, and deep fried them similar to chicken strips. Used a BBQ dipping sauce and everyone loved them. Go figure.

    1. Different brands double as their real-meat cousins with varying ability. What brand is hiding in your ice cream? Some quick ideas are cooked, crumbled, and used as taco filling (Itried once in enchiladas, but didn't care for as much). Like I said, it really depends on what exactly you have, but stir-frys and and salad toppings can also be an option.

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        Cook veggie burgers and chop up finley with "Manwich" sauce for sloppy joes... or mix with salsa for sloppy Jose' ..... or top Nachos. I actually used veggie crumbles one time when I made a pizza fondue. My hamburg was frozen solid and no one noticed the substitute. You could chop up veg burgers the same way, mix with tomato sauce, throw in a melting cheese.... and use corn chips, toasted pita, etc. ti dip.

      2. Boca burgers chopped up are good in a Chinese stir-fry as 'chopped beef' if you amend them with plenty of garlic and Tianjin preserved vegetable.

        1. I just made this the other day. Sort of a mock chowmein. Took a garden burger, and got that frying, then chunked it up as it cooked. Prior to that i had stir fried a bunch of veggies, and broke up some vermecelli. Cooked that al dente and drained. Then put it all back together with a seasoning sauce of soy, sherry, chicken broth corn starch, cooked it on high for a few minutes, put it all together for a pretty decent (wink wink) chow mein, the veggies were crunchy, added my favorite hunan chili paste, scallions, cilantro and as the sauce thickened, Iknew I was in heaven. This is a great little snacky lunch when craving mein. I had a smidgen left over and I wouldn't dare toss it out, I just reheated it and had it for breadkfast!
          Another way I like these guys is to crank up he heat and place the patty in the pan, sear it really well but get it good and crunchy all over, add monterey cheese, top with scallions, then cover it with good salsa that has cilantro on top and then using a warm buttered floured tortilla, scoop it up.

          Boca burgers need to be cooked so that they are charred and crunchy on the outside.

          1. Crumble and use in:
            omelette filling
            Enchiladas, tostadas, burritos, quesadillas, nachos
            Stuffed peppers
            Scrapple/Hash browns
            Baked potato topping or stuffed potato skins
            Pizza topping or lasagna
            Lettuce wraps
            sub for meat in your fave meatloaf recipe