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May 7, 2007 08:29 PM

Adams Fairacre Farms

I know I went as a little kid once or twice, but havent been back in years. Is this place just like an alternative/old time market or is it more organic and local fare? Thnx

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  1. The produce is great. It is local and sometimes organic. Though they do have thingsw from elsewhere when they need to import. Either way it's a pretty good supermarket although the meat/seafood is very weak. They also dont have a huge selection of some typical dry goods since they tend to supply some more niche market type of stuff and gourmet goods (like fancy jams etc...). If you are looking for a more complete supermarket in the area, the amish market is pretty good in Hyde Park. Same one as the one's in the city.

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        first - ramps are stocked! kingston store gets them in there, at the others, you'll have to request them (when the kingston store gets them) and the truck will bring it down in a day or two.

        adams produce prices are usually better than any supermarket that doesn't have a deep-discount sale. unless we need something in a rush, we do all our produce shopping there.

        they have periodic sales during the week of different items (beef, chicken), etc. which are done on a by-day basis. they also have sales tues-thurs, and fri-sun. the website is

        oh, other things i get there - wasabi peas (priced fair), sushi, local cheeses, ronnybrook butter and sometimes milk.

        and if you go to the poughkeepsie one, pastry garden is right next door.