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May 7, 2007 08:27 PM

What's a good time of day for dinner in Cabo San Lucas? (Nick San)

We're going to Cabo for the weekend, returning Monday, and I'd like to reserve a table at Nick San for two. We really have no plans beyond hanging out at the beach/pool/hotel and seeing a bit of the town.

If you were there, what time of day would be ideal for dinner, why, and any reason you'd pick Sunday over Saturday or vice versa for Nick San?'

(Trying to gauge when we'd get hungry after a day of whatever and I figure someone who's been there recently might have a more natural answer than I'd come up with.)

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  1. Don't know what you are doing... but we hit Nick San at 5:30... and it was ideal because we had the baby with us.... there were only a couple of other tables there. The dinner rush is 7 to 9:30.... those slots require reservations... any other time you can get in.

    An important consideration is the distance from the resort (or wherever you would be coming from) and whether you take a cab or walk... distances are deceptively long there with little tourist public transportation available (other than cabs).

    Finally, Nick San is right in the middle of everything its a fun area with a bunch of after dinner options... so plan to make it a long evening.

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        The bus service is amazingly inexpensive..and also friendly enough for novice Spanish speakers...especially around Cabo proper. It's mostly used by locals but is very tourist friendly.

        Nick San is a great choice too.