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May 7, 2007 07:06 PM

Bakery in Charleston, SC

I am looking for a good bakery near Charleston for fresh bread, rolls etc....


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  1. Ashley Bakery supplies rolls to caterers, I don't think you walk in and pick up. Normandy Farms supplies bread to many high end restaurants and you can pick up fresh from behind the counter.

    1. Normandy Farms (in South Windemere) which is part of the Maverick Group (SNOBs, High Cotton, etc.), and Saffrons (downtown by the Gaillard Auditorium) are our two favorites.

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      1. re: DavidA

        I second the Saffron rec. Was a favorite of ours for breakfast when we lived there. Haven't tried Normandy Farms, but the baked goods at S.N.O.B. are excellent, so I'm sure it's great as well.

        1. re: DavidA

          I will second Normandy Farms. I believe that most of the better restaurants in Charleston order their bread from NF. However, I don't think NF is part of the Maverick Group. I think you are thinking of Ambrosia, which occupied the space on Windermere before NF did. Ambrosia either went out of business or moved.

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            The Maverick Kitchens Group, which operated Ambrosia, bought Normandy Farms and put it in the Ambrosia spot.

            As far as the bad Saffron experience below -- they went through a bad spot and they are now back up to snuff. Breakfasts have been consistently good, as well as the baked goods.

        2. We had a truly awful dining experience at Saffron. We went there in the late afternoon to get a quick bite to eat. Before receiving our entrees, we were served one type of bread that was raw (yes, RAW dough) on the inside. The other bread we were served was totally stale.

          I ordered a shrimp omelette and the eggs weren't even mixed! It's as if the just threw a bunch of raw veggies and cooked shrimp on top of sunny-side up eggs, then, mixed it togther on my plate. Again, really awful.

          I don't know if they were having a bad day, but I certainly won't be back. I actually got the original recommendation to go there from CH.

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          1. re: LMT

            Jeez, you DID have a bad experience. I've only been there for breakfast, and I haven't been in a few years, but we used to go there all the time when we lived in Summerville, and it was good.

            What say you, Charleston hounds? Has the place gone downhill?

            1. re: Jeff C.

              I have never had a good experience at Saffron. Over the last eight years I have had reason to go there at least a dozen times out of convenience (downtown). I have had consistently poor service and food quality has ranged from average to good but never worth the $$$. Once the woman working there told me that they could not write "Happy Birthday!" on a cake and another time a different employee argued with me over the existence of a tart (ambrosia I think, very good) that I had purchased twice before.

              For good bread I do recommend Normandy Farms. They do special breads that you have to order ahead for big food holidays. For the best deserts/cakes I simply call a good restaurant at least 24 hours in advance and ask for one of their signature deserts to go. Peninsula has been doing this forever but most restaurants don't mind doing this as a favor to a loyal customer. It is very profitable for the restaurant and you get a more unique and personal product.

          2. Kaminsky's Most Excellent Cafe has great desserts. I don't think that they have breads though.