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May 7, 2007 07:03 PM

best ceviche in Austin?

The best ceviche I've had is on the beach in Mexico. Freshness makes a huge difference. I've tried it in a number of places in Austin.

Dona Emilas - best so far
Saba - OK, more fruit than fish, though
Curra's - better than Saba, not as good as Dona Emila's
Other places - I don't even remember them, so probably worse than Saba

Any other places I should try?

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  1. Not a traditonal ceviche, but Uchi's ucheviche (spelling?) is always a must order for me. Tyson tends to switch up the recipe depending on what's fresh that night but it consists of salmon and a white fish (I think the menu states red snapper) with red and orange bell peppers, and tomatoes in a light citrus/oil blend. It's always been one of my favorites on the cold tasting menu aside from the Crudo...yummmm Crudo!

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    1. re: ashes

      Yup. I came in here to recommend Uchi's ceviche.

    2. Best I've had is at Manuel's.

      AND you can get it half-price at happy hour (heads up - they shortened it and it now ends at 6)

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      1. re: amysuehere

        I agree that Manuel's is consistenly fresh and good, especially at 1/2 price. My friends and I go there often for any early dinner of assoted 1/2 price appetizers and the ceviche is always one we order....

      2. Fonda San Miguel's Ceviche Veracruzano is the best in Austin, $10. If you want to save a coupla bucks, El Chile on Manor has a decent tilapia ceviche; $6 for the small or $8 for a large. I'm eager to try Tacodeli's (Aus Chron Critic's Pick for Best Ceviche in their 2007 Restaurant Poll).